Woman Has Strange Golden Object She Claims Is ‘Alien Artifact’

Woman Has Strange Golden Object She Claims Is ‘Alien Artifact’

Paul Dale Roberts

A woman is now in possession of a golden, metal object adorned with strange symbols that she claims is an “alien artifact” that matches a similar item that was allegedly found at a UFO crash site.

How the woman obtained the object

A woman named Stephanie Fuller claims she obtained the object from her fiancé. The woman’s fiancé worked at an apartment complex as a maintenance worker.

The man was cleaning up the home of a recently-expired World War II veteran who had been a compulsive hoarder. While sorting through the years-worth of stuff the man had accumulated, he came upon this unusual object, which he later showed to his fiancée.

The origin of the object

Fuller started doing some investigations on her own about the object. Through her research, she came across a military story that involved a strange object.

The story revolved around Command Sergeant Major James Norton. It described a bizarre encounter Norton had with a UFO in 1977 at Fort Benning, Georgia.

During a live-fire training exercise on September 14, 1977, Norton and his troops were testing a new weapons system called JAWS (Joint Attack Weapons System).

During the exercise, once firing began, a number of orbs appeared in the sky, all followed by a large triangular-shaped craft.

After this encounter, many of the soldiers involved in the training exercise became ill. They suffered from mental fugues, reporting moments of “missing time” from their memories.

Under penalty of a court-martial, all of the soldiers involved were instructed to keep the events of that night confidential. Norton found himself in the woods later, unaware of how he got there.

He also became ill, suffering a temperature of 104 degrees, and it took two days of submerging himself in tubs of ice water to bring his temperature down.

Later, under hypnosis, Norton told psychologists that during his “missing time” he was abducted and taken aboard a spacecraft, where medical experiments were conducted and samples from his body were taken.

During all this, the soldiers saw that something crashed-landed in the vicinity. Norton went to investigate and recovered a small piece of the craft in the form of a small, metal fragment. The fragment was adorned with strange symbols and it exhibited properties that were peculiar.

Norton photographed the object, and then buried it on his property for safekeeping. Fast-forward to the present time, and Norton posted a photograph of it online.

It was this photograph that Fuller found during her research, after realizing it was similar to the object her fiancé found in the deceased veteran’s apartment.

Inspected by paranormal investigator

Fuller decided to make a call regarding the object to paranormal investigator Paul Dale Roberts of HPI Paranormal in Sacramento.

But presently, it is unknown whether Fuller has provided the object to Roberts to conduct test upon the metal, as well as further proof the object’s origins.

Object similar to the artifact in “Taken”

Your Props Beechy McFly Alien Artifact from Taken
Your Props | Beechy McFly

Steven Spielberg’s 2002 science-fiction miniseries entitled ‘Taken,’ features an alien artifact that bears more than in an uncanny resemblance to the photograph of Fuller’s object. You can see a prop replica from Taken above, and draw your own conclusions.