What You Need to Know About the Supernatural Power of Mirrors

Many people around the world believe that mirrors possess supernatural powers, that they are doorways to the dead where spirits can be reflected, be captured or even released, as voodoo practitioners and black magicians believe. Some say that the devil himself invented mirrors specifically for these purposes.

Magic mirrors

Practitioners of magic, as well as, those who practice voodoo believe that mirrors possess magical powers. Black magicians, voodoo priests and priestesses use mirrors to conjure up spirits.

Mirrors don’t necessarily have to be the kind that we are most readily familiar with today. Any reflective surface can be considered as a mirror – even water. Any type of glass, crystal or crystal ball, some stones, even those with reflective black surfaces such as obsidian, can serve as a mirror.

Famed prognosticator Nostradamus made his prophecies using the practice of scrying, defined as looking into a suitable medium to pick up visions. The medium of choice to use for Nostradamus was peering into water – a mirror-like reflective surface.

Voodoo and mirrors

In voodoo, particularly New Orleans voodoo, mirrors are believed to be doorways between the world of the living and the dead. One can use a standard mirror or water as a mirror. Not only will the gazer see their own face, but superimposed over it they will see the faces of the Lwa or Loa. The Lwa are intermediaries between the supreme Creator – Bondye – and humanity.

Voodooists also use mirrors to conjure powerful spirit Loa. Most commonly they conjure Baron Samedi, who is one of the most powerful, wicked and decadent of them all, to help them with their problems.

Voodoo practitioners use a spell to capture haunting ghosts in large mirrors. Once the ghost is trapped inside the mirror – it is rendered harmless in our physical world. The ghost can now only haunt the world reflected inside the mirror.

Ghosts and mirrors

Mirrors have long been associated with being able to harbor or unleash ghosts. Folklore and fictional tales alike have told of supposed haunted mirrors.

In some tales, people remain young in the physical world on earth, as their ghostly double trapped in the mirror ages for them. The novel and film “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is one example of such a story that was derived from long-told tales.

A popular urban legend is that of ” Bloody Mary.” As the story goes, if you look into a mirror with the lights off and then say “Bloody Mary” (three times or thirteen times depending on how it is told) her ghost will appear. What she does after her appearance varies, but in all cases – it isn’t good! The word “bloody” should be hint enough.