Weird Creature Captured on Video in Thailand – What Is It?

Weird Creature Captured on Video in Thailand – What Is It?

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Strange creatures are spotted all the time and the latest siding in the category of weird animals was spotted by fishermen gliding through the waters of Thailand.

The fishermen managed to capture images of this mystery animal on video, which has left people around the world wondering, is it real?

And if so… what is it?

Weird aquatic creature leaves the baffling mystery

It happened in the waters of Thailand when a group of fishermen peered over their boat and spotted a weird creature. The strange animal had an appearance unlike any they had ever seen before. They observed the mystery animal gliding through the water almost effortlessly.

The sighting was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube in October 2019. The video clip provided very little information.

Deepening the mystery even further, the video is unfortunately no longer there. It has been deleted by the user, leaving very few clues to follow.

All that remains are still images of this weird aquatic creature that were pulled from the video and dispersed throughout the world.

What is this mysterious creature?

Moving forward with the assumption that the strange creature captured on video by fishermen in the waters of Thailand actually exists, the problem becomes – just exactly what is this mysterious life form?

This weird-looking animal has been described in a number of ways. A host of speculation has arisen after the video and images were posted online.

Many have commented that it looks a turtle, but without a shell. Some say it is a seal or an otter. While another believes it is not a mystery animal at all, but simply a banana blossom floating in the water and being carried along by the current which gave it the appearance of a swimming creature.

Still, there are others that have even speculated that it is a “baby nessie,” a Loch Ness monster type creature currently in its infancy stage.

The most plausible explanation…

Out of the mass of speculation, comes the most plausible theory. Several people seem convinced that the creature is a ‘blanket octopus’ or Tremoctopus, a deep sea-dwelling oddity which usually thrives in tropical and temperate seas.

The blanket octopus has four arms that are much shorter than the others in the front, while the four arms in the back have webbing. The females of the species are approximately ninety-five percent larger than the males, who are dwarves.

In the end, given the lack of information, removal of the video, no definitive answer as to who specifically captured the footage, and with no verified statement by the fishermen – it is up to each person who sees the image to draw their own conclusion.