Video Captures ‘Ghost Man’ Saving Girl’s Life from Oncoming Car

Video Captures ‘Ghost Man’ Saving Girl’s Life from Oncoming Car

A CCTV camera captures a girl wanders out into the street… out of nowhere, a “ghost man” surges with lightning speed to save the girl a second before she would have been struck by a speeding oncoming car.

The most amazing part is this:  the “ghost man” is nearly invisible until he reaches the other side of the street.

It started with a bad decision…

It happened on June 18. A girl wanders across the street in front of an oncoming car. As the car is nearly upon the girl, it slows to a stop. The girl proceeds to walk in front of the car, but what she isn’t aware of is that a second car is barreling toward her in the next lane.

There is no way the second car will be able to stop in time. It seems a certainty that she will be immediately crushed by the rushing car.

But then something extraordinary happens…

“Ghost man” comes to the rescue

With the second car seemingly less than 3-4 feet away from the girl, a blurry and shadowy figure, partially transparent, moving with lightning speed, literally comes out of nowhere to sweep the girl away across the four-lane highway and to the other side.

It is only when the “ghost man” gets the girl safely to the sidewalk, does he begin to take on a more opaque appearance. Then the ghost man simply runs away and vanishes off-screen.

Was it really a ghost?

Was it really a “ghost man that saved this girl from certain death? You’ll have to decide for yourself by watching the video. The over 1 million people who have already seen this video on YouTube are mixed in their opinion.

Many feel it is genuine, while others remain bewildered. Still, another group believes it is fake. No matter the opinion, this is certainly a video that leaves you wondering. The way this girl was snatched from the arms of the Grim Reaper at the last second is nothing shy of miraculous!