UFO Sighting over Netherlands Beach Strongest Proof Yet

This shiny and highly reflective object which made rapid and erratic physics-defying movements can’t be written off as trick photography or a drone – this amateur footage leads to only one conclusion: A UFO.

Friends on Netherlands beach see strange object in the sky

In the pre-dawn hours, amid a mostly blue sky with a light layer of high cirrostratus clouds, a group of friends had gathered on a beach in the Netherlands to have a good time. They had pulled right onto the sand with their off-road vehicle, the headlights still on.

In the midst of their get together, their attention was suddenly drawn to a shiny object in the sky. The high-flying object quickly had them mesmerized, not only because of its bright and reflective nature, but it’s odd, erratic, and high-speed movements that seemed to defy the laws of physics.

It was bewildering. The way the object quickly jutted back and forth, left and right, so rapidly – had them acknowledging it could not possibly be the wind. They felt it was unlikely to be a helium balloon. The object’s movements simply did not justify that idea.

So what is it?

A possible UFO… Beachgoers decide to video

Unable to explain what they were witnessing, it now occurred to the young adventurers that they were possibly viewing a UFO. They immediately started filming with their smartphones. The result is the video you will find below.

It’s a given that this video is decidedly bumpy, but let’s keep in mind that these are amateurs and let’s not criticize them for that. Our concern here is the content of the video – not the camera work.

Is this a UFO? Decide for yourself.

Undoubtedly, UFO enthusiasts and UFOlogists will pore over this video with rigid scrutiny to reach a conclusion. If they decide this is indeed a UFO, it just may be the strongest video evidence yet!