The Tools Used by Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Researchers

The Tools Used by Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Researchers


Interested in what kind of tools Ghost Hunters and paranormal researchers use to detect activity or interested in doing your own investigations? Here’s a list of the most common tools, most of which you can buy on Amazon.

Tips from pros

Colleen O’Hara of Pocatello paranormal research was interviewed by the East Idaho News and she explained paranormal tools and techniques for using them.

“In anything that you do,” O’Hara warns, “always be careful who you’re communicating with. Know who you are communicating with and don’t invite what you don’t know.”

1. DVR recorder

To prove the existence of paranormal activity – you need a record of it. That’s where having a digital video recorder (DVR) comes in, which is a must-have item. Typically, you’ll couple it with the cameras of a home security system. The best to have is a system that checks for plugging external microphones into it. That way, any sounds picked up by the mics are synchronized with the video recording.

2. Static detector

This device has a series of LED tubes that react with different colors when static electricity is detected in the atmosphere. If the spirit manifests near this device, it will trigger detection.

3. Energy pump/EM pump

Entices energy in an area to manifest.

4. Ghost meter/EMF meter

This device goes by several names such as ghost meter, gaussmeter, EMF meter. It’s essentially an energy detector, particularly electromagnetic energy fields. You’ll find this in every ghost hunter or paranormal investigator’s arsenal.

5. Thermal camera.

This is a must-have device. You can purchase a dedicated thermal camera or an attachment that plugs into the charging port of your smartphone turning and will feed its signal into your phone’s camera display, where it can be recorded by your phone camera’s built-in video recorder or photographed by your still camera. It will also display the temperature detected on the screen.

6. Dowsing rods

These can be purchased or you can make your own with a coat hanger. In old times, before modern technology, because water is a conductor of electricity, people used dowsing rods to find water and ultimately dig wells. When it comes to detecting paranormal activity, the same basic concept applies – the dowsing rods detect electrical activity. They are highly sensitive at detection. But like anything, how well they perform depends on who’s using them. One needs to develop a feel. Dowsing is an ancient art and there is plenty of documentation on how to perform it.

7. Ready-to-go ghost hunting/paranormal investigation kits

if you’re interested in doing your own paranormal investigations, you can buy all of the items mentioned above one by one or Amazon has a variety of ghost hunting kits/paranormal investigation kits that contain many of the must-have items in an economically priced combo.

Here are a few examples.

The Original Ghost Hunting Kit by Gen-El, rated “Amazon’s choice” – $159. Comes with an EMF meter, motion sensor, EVP recorder, vibration detector, Geophone, infrared thermometer, and a carrying case.

Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with “Ultimate Ghost Tech”, rated “Amazon’s choice” – $170. Comes with an EMF meter, motion sensor, EVP recorder, vibration detector, Geophone, infrared thermometer, carrying case, and instructional book.

Ghost Hunting Spirit Box – KII K-II K-2 K2 EMF Meter & EVP Recorder – $185.90.

Spirit Box Ghost Hunting Kit with SBox, EVP, EMF, and Flashlight – $249.99. For serious hunters, top-of-the-line devices.