The Strange Case of the Ariel School UFO Sighting in Zimbabwe

The Strange Case of the Ariel School UFO Sighting in Zimbabwe


In 1994, in the city of Ruwa, Zimbabwe, 62 children between the ages of 6-12, reported seeing aliens land, get out of their ship and something even stranger that will chill you to your core!

The Ariel phenomenon

on September 16, 1994, at a primary school in the city of Ruwa, a rural area of Zimbabwe, 62 children all described seeing a disk-shaped craft land behind the school during a morning break between classes.

Additionally, during this same time period, thousands of Zimbabweans also reported multiple sightings of unusual aerial phenomena in the skies.

Alien beings sighted

The children also reported seeing two alien beings depart the craft, and approach the group of children.

But perhaps most frightening of all, the children reported that these extraterrestrials directly communicated with them using some sort of telepathy by staring into their eyes.

Other sightings apart from the school

There were also other reports of alien sightings. A trucker reported seeing strange beings at night on the roadway. A young boy and his mother also reported a daylight sighting.

Astronomical anomalies

Around the same time period, astronomers in the region began reporting a meteor shower that created a “pyrotechnic display” in the skies that had been seen from Zambia to Botswana. Dozens of reports came in of sightings of a capsule-like fireball, which had trailing fire, while also being flanked by two smaller capsules.

Kids couldn’t stop discussing it

After the event occurred and left the children completely spooked and puzzled, and they couldn’t stop discussing it. Some said the two little men looked a bit like Michael Jackson. Even though some of the teachers were also unnerved, they told the children to be quiet and focus on their schoolwork.

As children went home that evening, they continued to recant the frightening encounter to their parents. The next day, the parents flooded the school with calls wanting to know what had terrified their children.

Eventually, the school called in a local UFO expert to speak to everyone at the school. Later, the school pulled in renowned Harvard psychologist Dr. John Mack.

Mass hysteria or real?

As would be expected, school officials and authorities wanted to write the whole thing off as some sort of mass hysteria – the rubberstamp explanation for why over 60 witnesses could see the same thing.

Dr. Mack traveled from America to the school in Zimbabwe to interview the children in-depth after the event. Dr. Mack concluded that the children were not making the story up.

Recently, a new documentary was made about the event that occurred at the Ariel school. These children are now in their late 20s and early 30s, in the documentary shows that the event is clearly still persistent in their minds and continues to have a deep impact on their lives. These children still firmly believe the event was not something in their imaginations, but an encounter that truly happened.