The Denver International Airport: Home to the Illuminati?

The Denver International Airport: Home to the Illuminati?

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If you’ve ever walked through the sprawling Denver International Airport, opened to the public in 1995, it probably just looks like, well, an airport.

At least, until you look a little closer.

For more than 20 years, wild speculation over the DIA airport and it’s real purpose has persisted. But what is it about this airport that is so different? Why are there so many theories involving this particular airport involving the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the apocalypse, and the New World Order?

Read on to see why!

Denver Airport and the Freemasons

Within the DIA airport, there is one object that has been at the center of much speculation: a capstone laid over a sealed time capsule. It was placed during a dedication ceremony on March 19, 1994 before the airport opened, and the inscription reads that the contents are for the “people of Colorado in 2094.”

However, also etched into the stone are the Square and Compasses symbol of Freemasonry, and the names of two Grand Masters, as the capstone was reportedly made by the Masons for the airport. Even more curious is the name inscribed directly under that symbol: “New World Airport Commission.” Ever heard of it?

I doubt it, since it isn’t a real organization or group.

The Denver Airport Gargoyles

Unlike other airports around the nation, The Denver International Airport is home to some strange characters. The DIA is home to its very own gargoyles. These two cast bronze figures are perched inside of suitcases, watching over the east and west baggage claim areas.

Are these interesting figures here to watch over and protect, or are the grotesque faces the ushers of something nefarious?

The Denver Airport Demonic Horse

If you don’t think the gargoyles are all that unusual, just wait until you see the strange, demonic horse that’s ready to greet travelers coming into the airport. The 32-foot sculpture is actually called Blue Mustang, but it’s widely referred to as “Blucifer” instead. Catch a glimpse of those gleaming red-orange eyes, and you’ll understand why.

Blue Mustang, the demonic horse
Eric Golub | Creative Commons

It’s intense glare and imposing stature has spawned many theories surrounding it, but the most popular theory is that this horse is to provide transportation for one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

All that was known of the sculptor’s actual intention is that he wanted to create a piece that was mysterious. Unfortunately, we can’t ask him to elaborate. Luis Jiménez, the artist, died after the sculpture fell and severed an artery in his leg. The horse was then completed by his estate, and unveiled two years after his death.

The Denver Airport Murals

The DIA has two murals that were painted by artist Leo Tanguma when the airport was being built: “In Peace and Harmony With Nature” and “Children of the World Dream of Peace.” Those names don’t sound particularly scary or daunting, do they?

However, these two murals are said to contain a lot of concerning imagery–things that some say point to the Illuminati, the New World Order and the collapse of society and civilization as we know it.

Within “In Peace and Harmony With Nature,” you’ll find a brightly-colored, yet horrific, scene of animals in glass cages, a girl lying in a coffin, trees burning, and young people fleeing the scene.

And in “Children of the World Dream of Peace,” a soldier donning a gas mask is wreaking havoc with a gun and sword, as a child hides with a teddy bear, ruins are everywhere, and a caravan of refugees (including one crying over a dead child) are trudging away.

Not quite what I would envision for an airport mural.

The Denver Airport Secret Tunnels

Okay, so why are there ominous gargoyles, a demonic horse with gleaming eyes, murals predicting the collapse of society, and a capstone inscribed with the New World Airport Commission? Why would all of these things, signaling the coming of an apocalyptic event at the hands of the Illuminati and the New World Order be in the Denver International Airport?

Many believe that DIA is a gathering place for government officials and the global elite in the event of widespread biological warfare, nuclear armageddon, aliens, zombies, or any other cataclysmic event.

Which leads me to quite possibly the craziest part of the airport: the existence of underground tunnels.

Some claim that construction began with mysterious buildings that were completed and then buried intact. I don’t know if that’s exactly true. However, there really are underground facilities beneath the airport that tourists will never be able to see.

There were some reports that the underground tunnels are adorned with gold leaf mosaic and other commissioned art and murals. If the tunnels really are only used for airport operations like they claim, why would they spend the money on all that commissioned art that the public will never see?

So what do you think? Is the Denver International Airport a secret meeting spot for the elite and high-ranking government officials, being run by the Freemasons and Illuminati? Or, is it all just a big coincidence?