The Astounding Claims of Secret NATO UFO Files by Military Insider

The Astounding Claims of Secret NATO UFO Files by Military Insider

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Secret NATO UFO Files, four types of extraterrestrials, and circular UFOs flying all over Europe are among the astounding claims made by U.S. NATO intelligence analyst Robert Dean Read who worked at NATO headquarters.

Robert Dean Read: Astounding UFO and extraterrestrial claims from a credible NATO military insider

UFOlogist Robert Dean Read had an impressive 28-year career in the US military, retiring as a Command Sergeant Major from the U.S. Army in 1976 and working at NATO headquarters for five years from 1963 to 1967, Hows and Whys reported. He served both in Korea and Vietnam. His credibility is unquestionable, as he was assigned as an intelligence analyst to the supreme headquarters Allied powers in Europe, the military arm of NATO. He had a cosmic top-secret clearance, the highest level of clearance that NATO has. He says he was further assigned to SHOC, (the supreme headquarters operation center), a war room. It is through this experience that he makes several astounding claims about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Secret document: We are not alone in the universe

Dean claims that while working at the highest level of top secrecy for NATO, he had the opportunity to read a document labeled: “UFO Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Threat.”

He says this document contained detailed information on UFO sightings, extraterrestrial encounters and alien autopsies, all research that had been approved by NATO.”

He says that after exposure to this document, “my life has not ever quite been the same.”

He says this is because he read “first-hand reports of verifiable NATO military material that indicated that UFOs were not only real, but they represented something far beyond anything I had ever imagined before.”

“When the study was included in ’64,” Dean continues, “they concluded there were four different groups apparently coming and visiting us.”

“Out of those four different groups, one group looked exactly like we do,” Dean says. “So much so, that they could sit beside you in a restaurant, or in an airplane or in a theater, and you’d never know.”

“And that particular point bonded the military guys a lot,” Dean adds. “The point being that, some of these people from somewhere could be walking up and down the corridors of shape headquarters. Or they could be walking up and down the corridors of the Pentagon.”

Large metallic circular objects flying all over Europe

Another item in the report, Dean says, was that it gave evidence of “large numbers of large metallic, circular objects were flying all over Europe. These things would fly in formations out of the east toward the west over Europe, over the southern coast of England, then they would turn north over the channel and then would disappear off of NATO radars off the Norwegian Sea.”

Dean added that NATO launched a three-year program to investigate UFOs for determining if they posed a military threat. He says he received this information in a very sensitive report of which only 15 copies were printed. The 1964 NATO report was titled: “AN ASSESSMENT: (An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe).” Dean says the report contained in-depth studies made by atmospheric physicists, astronomers, astrophysicists, sociologists, historians, and theologians.

“There had been the case after case of UFO landings, face-to-face confrontations, invitations to come aboard their ships,” Dean says regarding the report’s contents. “It had been going on for some years. It has been going on for centuries.”

“There apparently was not a military threat because if…[Extraterrestrials] were hostile or malevolent, the game would have been up a long time ago,” Dean added.