The 5 Most Haunted Historic Hotels in the US–Stay If You Dare!

The 5 Most Haunted Historic Hotels in the US–Stay If You Dare!

If you’re up for spending the night in a haunted hotel, here are five of the most haunted, historic places where you can book a room in the US. Each of these hotels has a legacy of ghost sightings and paranormal experiences.

The Emily Morgan San Antonio Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

The Emily Morgan Hotel, built in 1924 in San Antonio, is not only considered the most haunted hotel in the state, but it was also ranked by USA Today as the third-most haunted hotel in the world – and for good reason.

It wasn’t always a hotel. It used to be a hospital, and all the ghosts and spirits and paranormal reports are related to that era. At one time the seventh floor was a psychiatric ward, the ninth a surgery level, the fourteenth a waiting area, and another floor served as a morgue. Some guests have reported opening doors to see a hospital scene inside. Doors open and close on their own. Lights flash in the rooms. Others see apparitions of nurses in the hallways pushing gurneys. Then the scene disappears as if it was never there.

It’s now a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and it offers ghost-related accommodation packages.

Concord’s Colonial Inn, Concord, Massachusetts

Several ghosts are reported to be permanent residents of this inn built in 1716. During the Revolutionary War, part of the inn was privately owned by Dr. Timothy Minot and served as a hospital. Room 24 – one of the most haunted – was used as an operating room.

Additionally, a ghost of a young girl wearing a bonnet is often seen walking around the front desk. An older woman in a tall, slim gentleman with a top hat have been spotted in the sitting room. Some believe these ghosts are former residents Henry David Thoreau and his aunt entertaining company. Employees and guests have reported seeing spirits wearing colonial attire sitting in an otherwise empty room. Items go missing without explanation for weeks, then turn up in odd places. Books and decor fall from shelves of their own accord.

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Claremont Club & Spa, Berkeley, California

Constructed in 1915, the Claremont Club & Spa offers views of the San Francisco Bay. It also has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in California. Disembodied voices, phantom elevators choosing floors on their own, temperature changes, random noises, and other paranormal tales of activity in the hotel have gone on for generations. The most haunted room is 442.

It’s now a Fairmont Hotel; click here for accommodations info.

Jekyll Island Club Resort, Jekyll Island, Georgia

Ghost sightings abound at the Jekyll Island Club Resort, which was built in 1887. There are at least seven different ghosts that are reported to haunt the resort. A former president walks the veranda at sunset. A bellman who delivers a freshly pressed suit. The ghost of J.P. Morgan takes early morning walks and leaves the scent of cigar smoke. A second ghostly bellman in a 1920s uniform. Another spirit haunts old rooms early in the morning, sipping coffee.

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Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is a colonial seaport town known for the notorious 1692 Salem witch trials. The Hawthorne Hotel, built in 1925, has legends of its own regarding spirits and hauntings. It’s ranked as one of the most haunted in America.

Some believe the spirits are sea captains who have returned to their gathering place. The paranormal show Ghost Hunters visited the hotel to investigate it in 2007. Sightings of a ghostly woman, moving furniture, and unexplained noises are the most common reports.

Three rooms in the hotel are notoriously haunted: 325, 612, and 621. In 325, guests have reported smelling fresh-cut flowers and feeling cold spots. The sixth floor in general, and room 612 in particular, are where witnesses have seen a ghostly woman walking the halls. In 621 and 325, guests report faucets and lights turning on and off. Click here for accommodations information.