The 3 Spookiest Ghost Stories of 2021 from Reddit will Give You Nightmares

The 3 Spookiest Ghost Stories of 2021 from Reddit will Give You Nightmares

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We’ve pored over the numerous ghost stories circulating on Reddit in 2021 and have curated the three spookiest ghost tales that are sure to give you nightmares – good luck sleeping tonight!

Dead man’s curve

It all started when Reddit user BarbKatz1973 went to her 20-year high school reunion. She flew into the nearest airport, then rented a car to drive the 35 miles to a very rural area where the reunion was being held.

About three miles out of town, Barb saw someone at the side of the road who was trying to flag her down. As she got up close, she recognized it as a guy she went to high school with named Jim (not his real name). She pulled over and picked him up. She recalled he looked basically the same, perhaps a little older.

Talking as they drove toward town, Barb asked Jim if he wanted to come to the VFW Hall where the class was getting together and have a drink.

Jim replied, “No, just take me home.”

His parents only lived a few blocks away from her grandmother’s house. As they neared a cemetery and a mobile home park, Jim said: “Just drop me here. It was good to see you again.”

Barb let Jim off and he walked away into the night.

When Barb arrived at the VFW, she met up with her former classmates. The conversation turned to the topic of who was expected to come to the reunion. She mentioned that she had picked Jim up three miles east of town.

Everyone went quiet. A guy singing karaoke put down the mic and stopped. Even her cousin went as white as a new T-shirt.

“Barb,” someone said. “Jim died on that curve eight years ago. He rolled his car. We were all at his funeral.”

Barb was so shaken she had to go outside for some fresh air. She went to her car. On the seat, lay a local newspaper, an edition from eight years prior. It contained Jim’s obituary. Barb still has the paper.

Poltergeist evicts tenants

A couple quickly got the hint that they weren’t wanted…

Shortly after graduating from college and strapped for cash, Reddit user Re-AnImAt0r says he and his wife moved into a basement apartment. Immediately, poltergeist activity started occurring. Dishes, glasses, and other items flew off the shelf. The woman was struck several times. The couple described an ominous feeling of being watched continually. As they walked through the apartment at night, in the dark, there would be intense, bright flashes of light that would illuminate the entire room.

One night, as the couple walked into the bedroom to go to sleep, they got a terrifying request from the poltergeist.

The ghost said, “[The man’s name], move!”

The couple looked at one another incredulously.

The man told the ghost: “You’ve got it, Bud.”

The couple moved out two days later.

A few months after that, the elderly woman who owned the house and basement apartment died. The structure was torn down thereafter. The property remains an empty lot to this day.

The angry, man-hating ghost

After a couple moved into their home, they were later told that a woman had died there, killed by her abusive husband. They would soon learn the house was haunted by a man-hating ghost, Reddit user SpookyOEve says.

The father of the house would wake up with scratches all over him. Whenever the brother had been mean to either one of his two little sisters, he would also wake up with scratches.

One day, the brother hit the sister with something. He woke up in the night with a horrible bloody nose.

Then, the day the family moved out of the house, the brother was trying a wrestling move and accidentally broke the arm of his twin. The boy now believes the ghost might have killed him that night had they not moved out.