Terrified Carrie Underwood Tries TikTok Ghost Hunting Hack

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood has proof that her charming, rustic cabin is haunted!

Reality Ripple Effect

It all started with something called the reality ripple effect on TikTok. The filter is supposed to create a rainbow-like ripple on people as they move across the screen. But TikTokers soon discovered that the filter sometimes has an unintended side effect.

People starting seeing strange, amorphous shapes in their videos after activating the ripple filter. And honestly, they look a lot like ghosts.

Carrie Underwood certainly thought so.

Carrie Gets Scary

Shortly after joining TikTok, Carrie Underwood decided to test out the reality ripple filter. She’d heard that you could use it to find “ghosts” in your home–and guess what happened?

In case you can’t watch the video (or just don’t want to right now), Carrie pretty much immediately saw an eerie shape on her phone’s screen. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Who are you? What do you want?” she starts shouting.

Things get even weirder from there. In a second video, Carrie starts to get really scared. “I’m super freaked out right now — super freaked out,” she cries as she pans the phone’s camera across the spot where the apparition appears.


Pt 2. Our cabin is totes haunted, y’all! OMG… freaking out! #realityripple

♬ original sound – carrieunderwood

“Oh no, it’s still there, still there… it hangs out right here, man. Oh my God!” Carrie said, torn between nervous laughter and genuine fear.

Do you think there is really a ghost in Carrie Underwood’s cabin? Or is she getting freaked out for nothing?

She Isn’t the Only One

Although Carrie Underwood is the most recent celebrity turned ghost hunter, we’ve heard other tales of famous folks being haunted.

In 2014, actress Jenny Slate told Ellen DeGeneres that she had grown up in a haunted house in Massachusetts. “I knew it was haunted. My parents, when they moved in, they bought it with all the furniture in it, the people had died, and—I’m getting scared even telling the story…” she told the talk show host. Slate and her family eventually discovered a stack of scandalous love letters under the carpet and burned them to appease the ghost.

Jennifer Aniston claims that her first Los Angeles apartment was haunted by a poltergeist. She told Late Late Show host James Corden that things got so bad she brought in a medium to deal with the problem. As Aniston tells it, “the ghost hated my roommate. I moved out. I feel terrible, but I couldn’t say, ‘It doesn’t like you.’ I mean that would be terrible.”

Okay, this one is genuinely scary! Matthew McConaughey once told reporters about the ghost he called Madame Bleu who haunted his home: “She wasn’t that happy, it didn’t seem like she was going to be much fun to hang around or have in my house, so I went ahead and stood my ground. I opened the door and said ‘You can move around all you want but I’m not going anywhere.’ For weeks everyone that came to the house said the same thing: ‘There’s someone down in that hall, there’s somebody down in that hall.'”