Remote Viewer Explains the Bigfoot-UFO Connection

Remote Viewer Explains the Bigfoot-UFO Connection


As many in the public now know, the US government operated a psychic spying unit with a technology known as remote viewing, that allow them to see anywhere on the planet, as well as, into the reaches of the universe, as they explored a variety of subjects past and present, including Bigfoot and reveal their connection to UFOs.

The US government’s psychic spying program

First, it helps to have an understanding of the US government’s psychic spying program which began in the early 1970s. The program was started to compete with those already established by the Soviet Union. What the government psychics learned in their research eventually led them to go beyond simply viewing what the enemy was up to.

As the ability to psychically spy became a highly refined and developed technology, referred to as a martial art of the mind, it was learned that remote viewing could not only ascertain information from the present here on Earth, but also peer into Earth’s past and future. Eventually, they also learned they were able to extend this psychic viewing ability into outer space and other planets, as well as UFOs. Such explorations were routinely performed in training missions.

It should be noted that much of the government success in remote viewing comes from working with verifiable targets, meaning things that actually exist and can be examined to determine the accuracy of what the remote viewer saw. While viewing other planets can be interesting, there isn’t a practical way to verify the information.

Remote viewing Bigfoot

Most of the original remote viewers in the government’s program were members of the military. This was largely due to the fact that the program was highly classified within intelligence divisions, so it made the most sense to use people that already had such clearance.

However, after ending the 20-year program in 1995, or that’s what the CIA tells us, at least 30% of the documents have been declassified (although some remain redacted) through the freedom of information act regarding these government psychic spying programs.

Psychic superspy views Bigfoot

Major Ed Dames was one of the government’s elite spies and he was tasked with attempting to view Bigfoot. The work has been declassified, thus Dames can reveal some of what he saw.

Dames says that when he first viewed Bigfoot, he thought it was “an avatar that was formed of hydrogen and nitrogen, and things like that. I really did.”

“Because it’s downloaded, because a technology that downloads Bigfoot it’s sort of like the Star Trek idea of the transporter,” Dames explained in an interview. “It’s actually happening. And when it forms, when it actually forms – it forms a Sasquatch.”

“I thought it was an avatar,” Dames revealed, “but it’s not. It’s a real intelligent creature.”

The interviewer asked Dames if the creature was more intelligent than man.

“I think at least as an intelligent as man – and telepathic” Dames replied. “This is why in terms of situational awareness – they’ll never be shot.”

“For four miles out, they can detect whether there’s a person with a gun,” Dames said.

Dames explained that even if a person does have a weapon, Bigfoot can telepathically ascertain “whether or not the person intends upon using it.”

“Sometimes they’ll present with a hunter who is holding a rifle in their hand and the hunter has no intention of using it, because he’s looking at what appears to be a human being,” Dames adds.

Dames says that because of the psychic and telepathic abilities possessed by Bigfoot, the creature “will never be shot or captured ever.”

Bigfoot connected to UFOs

When asked if Bigfoot is connected to UFOs, Dames replied: “Yes.”

“They are downloaded,” Dames said, reiterating what he said previously about first believing they were avatars, but then realized it was something like a Star Trek transporter situation.

“That’s why these famous trackers, they track – and the tracks just stop,” Dames pointed out. “The tracker says, ‘I’ve never seen anything like it.'”

“That’s because they’ve been beamed back up,” Dames explains.