Proof of Antarctic Alien Underwater Bases Google Mapped by Alien Hunter

Proof of Antarctic Alien Underwater Bases Google Mapped by Alien Hunter


A UFO hunter has provided Google Maps curated images of what he insists is proof that there are alien underwater bases in Antarctica.

Scott Waring, a man dedicated to researching UFOs and the possibility of extraterrestrial life, posted a video on his Instagram channel, UFO_Scandinavia, in which he shows imagery he captured using Google Maps over Antarctica. He claims the images provide proof that underwater bases exist in the Antarctic region.

“I have used Google Maps to zoom in to the Antarctica region and they are right there,” Waring says in the video. “You can see a lot of other anomalies sitting in between the snow and icecaps on the nearby bay.”

“What are those structures?” Waring asks. “Aren’t they amazing?”

Structures are geometric, not natural or normal

“These are not normal,” Waring pointed out in the video. He went on to contrast how the objects weren’t shaped like those representing those of natural origin. He compared them with nearby aquatic features that can be clearly seen lining the Southern (a.k.a. Antarctic) Ocean floor.

“There is nothing normal about these things,” said Waring. “They really stand out quite a bit.”

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Historical images of region even more telling

One of the impressive features of Google Maps is the functionality that allows researchers to make backward comparisons to older images of a location.

Taking advantage of this historical image feature of Google Maps, Waring compared his current-time images of this underwater section of the Southern Ocean with images captured in the 1980s.

“The structures then appeared to be snow, but clearly they are not,” Waring said. “Because if you look at their right angles, they really stand out.”

With an overhead view, the images take on the appearance of icebergs or snow-covered islands. However, when viewed from an angle, geometric shapes of both the objects in their shadows become visibly apparent.

“You can really see how the edges of the structures continue to stand out, no matter what,” Waring adds. “You can see the right angles and these do not look like regular islands to me.”

100 percent proof

“A lot of people might claim them to be icebergs,” Waring continues, “but I believe these too, in fact, are four underground alien base facilities located within 1 km of each other.”

“Each building is between 2 km and 2.8 km across according to the Google Ruler tool,” he specified.

The final word…

”This is 100 percent proof alien bases exist in Antarctica,” Waring insists.

Google cover-up?

Waring pointed out how, suspiciously, the images appear to be purposely blurred-out by Google Maps.

“Why did Google Earth cover them up in blue?” Waring asks. “Why not just show these islands all the time?”

Waring then goes on to accuse Google of a cover-up.

“Google covered them up because they don’t want the public to find them so easily.”