Paranormal Encounters with Pet Spirits and Signs of a Pet Presence

Paranormal Encounters with Pet Spirits and Signs of a Pet Presence

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Can the spirit of a pet linger after it has passed on just as human ghosts sometimes do? Here are claims from people who had paranormal encounters with the spirit of a deceased pet and signs of a pet presence to look for.

Stories of paranormal encounters with pet spirits

Can the spirit of pets live on and come back to visit us after they have died? According to the stories are about to read, yes, they can and do.

Family moved away, but dog’s spirit still visits old house

When a beloved dog named Spot passed away, but family buried him on a hill behind the house, the Dodo reports. Sometime later they moved. After a while, in a neighborhood park, they ran into the people that purchased their old house. During the conversation, the new owners mentioned how they had seen a “holographic” appearing dog in the hallway. After giving details, the description matched that of Spot.

Cat still jumps on the bed

The host of this paranormal pets podcast tells the story of what happened after one of her foster cats had to be put to sleep.

“A month and a half after he died, I was lying awake in bed, and I felt the cat jump up in bed,” Dusty says. “There was enough moonlight flowing through the window that I could see there wasn’t anything there.”

Then she felt footprints walking across the bed.

“I could feel the little feet and the pressure when he lay down,” Dusty continues. “It was his little spot. And whatever this was walked across the bed, with its little kitty footprints, and then laid down on my ankles.”

“I instinctively knew this was my little kitty, and I just wanted the experience,” Dusty added. “I felt perfectly safe, there was nothing frightening about it at all.”

The dog who spirit still lives at home

A woman lost her dog in 2006. But four years later, she said the spirit of her beloved pooch still lives on and visits her on a regular basis, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. She keeps the cremated remains of the dog in an urn by the door.

“Every now and then I hear her coming up the steps,” the woman claims. “I can sense her, feel her. She was the most special, special dog. I loved her to pieces.”

Still visiting over 20 years later

Another woman, 38, was 12 years old when the family dog was put to sleep after 13 years. She says that now, as an adult, she witnessed the dog visiting her parents.

“I saw Elsa come from the dining room and go down the hall to my parents’ room,” the daughter claims. “Their door was closed, but in typical Elsa fashion, she used her nose to push the door open – just enough to poke her head through – and she disappeared.”

“I’m comforted by the fact that she was never really gone,” the daughter added.

Signs to look for that indicate a paranormal pet presence

There are a number of ways a pet may try to indicate its presence to you.

1. Your senses

The first approach is through signaling one or more of your five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

People have heard their deceased pet’s collar jingle, hear movement in a pet carrier, here whimpering, cries, or barking. Or they may suddenly detect an odor that reminds them of their pet. They may feel an invisible pet brush up against her leg. They may see a phantom shape or movement of their lost pet.

2. Your “sixth” sense

Another method may be reaching out to your “sixth” sense, that is, your intuition, gut feelings, or subconscious mind. A memory of your pet may arise out of nowhere when you weren’t thinking of them. Or you may have an encounter with another pet or a completely different kind of animal that gives you a feeling that was exactly like the one you experienced with your pet, almost as if you’re lost pet was trying to communicate with you through this encounter.

3. Dreams

You may have a dream involving your lost pet. Some people have claimed that their deceased pet appeared to them in a dream as a way of giving them a message or warning.