New Street Drugs Turning People into Real-Life Zombies

What if you could give someone a drug that would instantly turn them into a zombie? Such an idea is no longer a science fiction or horror story plot, nor is it a conspiracy theory – a new drug on the street is doing just that.

Residents of the town of Wigan were horrified by men and a zombie-like state in the town center, apparently under the influence of new drugs which have the effect of turning people into real-life zombies!

Illegal drugs creating real life zombies who are terrifying town

It was like a scene right out of the TV series The Walking Dead, except this was real life. Two men, who were wandering around in broad daylight, seemed to be frozen into position. One man was doubled over, with the other swaying backward and forward in the same spot.

Wigan is a town in Greater Manchester, England, on the River Douglas. In a 30-second clip shown on social media, two men were recorded in the town center demonstrating behavior that closely resembles the characteristics of zombification.

In the video, a stream of horrified spectators in the shopping center can be seen walking past the two men, trying to mentally process what they are witnessing. In one moment of the clip, the voice of a frightened child can be heard off-screen.

What is this zombie drug?

While discussing the effects of this unknown drug that is producing zombie-like side effects, one man said it is because a previously legal drug has been criminalized, which has led to the creation of more dangerous replacements.

The previously legal drug the man was referring to is called Spice.

Spice, which also goes by the name K2, is a cannabinoid, a synthetic (lab-made) drug that uses some chemical compounds found in marijuana plants, according to WebMD.

These drugs were originally used by scientists for research purposes. However, once scientific journals published the production methods – enterprising people used that information, as one would a recipe, to manufacture their own illicit drugs.

Spice was once legal in the UK, but now that it has been criminalized, it is no longer monitored, which means there’s no telling what ingredients are being included in the street versions fat are now circulating.

Whatever those ingredients might be, this new video shows that the results are zombification!

Residents afraid to go allow children to go into town

In the area where these street zombies are prowling, illicit substances are rampant on the streets. Now, with the advent of the zombifying effects of this new drug – residents our exceedingly terrified.

Given the prospect of having to live amongst these “drug zombies,” residents want officials to establish a permanent police presence in the town center to ensure their protection.

“It’s scary, having this on your doorstep,” said one woman while expressing her fear over allowing her children to go into town.

“Frightening, wouldn’t want my daughter seen this when she shopping with her friends,” another woman said.

Most terrifying of all

the most terrifying thing of all is that drugs like these can come to a city near you – in some places – they are already be there. Tomorrow you could see these drug zombies walking the streets in your town.

Last August, more than 100 people in a park in New Haven, Connecticut overdosed on such drugs within a two-day period.

Spice and K2, also go by street names such as Mr. Happy, Scooby Snax, and Kronic… And who knows what else.

The problem is that many people trust those they are buying these synthetic drugs from. But they are playing Russian roulette, there’s no way to really know what they are getting when they buy these drugs.