New DHS Spy Plane Video Tracks Rubber Duck-shaped UFO Flying 200 mph

New DHS Spy Plane Video Tracks Rubber Duck-shaped UFO Flying 200 mph

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The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released footage from a spy plane looking for drug smugglers over Tucson, Arizona, inadvertently discovering a ‘rubber duck-shaped’ UFO flying at 200 mph for 40 min.

DHS releases new video footage of rubber duck-shaped UFO

An RC-26 surveillance aircraft being flown by agents from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who were hunting drug smugglers in Tucson, Arizona, inadvertently discovered something else flying over the Sonoran desert.

The footage was recorded on November 23, 2019, at 9 PM, The Sun reported. It can be seen in this YouTube video, which was edited for length and posted by Ancient Civilizations.

The spy cameras picked up an object that can only be described as being “rubber duck-shaped.” The reconnaissance plane then tracked the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) for the next forty minutes, where it is reported that the craft reached speeds of 200 miles per hour.

DHS evaluating the footage

The footage begins with the plane’s crew using a thermal optic system – known as FLIR optics system in black hot mode – to survey the landscape.

About twenty minutes into the footage, the UFO appeared, and DHS continued tracking it for another forty minutes. After just under an hour, the video cuts off with the “rubber duck UFO” still in view.

The speed of the craft varied between 90-200 mph.

According to assessments, the craft appears to be somewhere between 5-6 feet in length and appears to have a second smaller appendage. However, it is unclear whether the parts are attached or separate.

Also during the flight, the object rotates. For this reason, some feel that potential explanations such as balloons, birds, and drones should be excluded.

Another interesting observation that the NY UAP discussion group noted was “The object is emitting zero heat yet accelerates and decelerates throughout the footage.”

DHS said an analysis of the footage will be published later this year, as it is still undergoing an expert evaluation stage, the UFO-AC research group reported.

The NY UAP discussion group reported: “The object in question has been verified as anomalous by the organization which analyzed the footage, however, that analysis will be released later on in the year as it is still going through its peer review stage.”

The complete footage was released by the NY UAP discussion group on YouTube, announcing it is the official DHS UAP footage.