NASA Curiosity Rover Photographs Reptile-like Being on Mars

NASA Curiosity Rover Photographs Reptile-like Being on Mars

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Life on Mars? NASA’s Curiosity Rover photographed an image that looks remarkably like a small reptile-like being in the Gale crater on Mars making it one of the most intriguing alien pictures to date.

Reptile-like being photographed on Mars by NASA

The image was taken in the Yellowknife Bay Area, part of the Gale crater on Mars. The NASA Curiosity Rover photographed what can only be described as a reptile-like being.

Gigapan images are often much clearer than the original image posted by NASA, so MPJ created a gigapan image labeled: SOL 184 – MSL Curiosity – Yellowknife Bay area in Gale crater.

What the Mars image captured became much clearer in this format.

Distinctly different features than the rocky landscape

What emerges in the sharper image captured by the Mars rover is potentially a reptile-like alien that can be differentiated clearly from the rocky terrain around it. You’ll note a difference in surface texture, color and light reflection not found on the surrounding rocks.

But most importantly, and what most distinctly differentiates the alien-like object is that it has rounded features – obvious curves and bevels – qualities none of the rocks in the landscape have.

The Mars picture of the alien has similarities that can most closely be compared to reptiles such as a lizard, or an insect such as a grasshopper.

Mars holds evidence of past animal species

Much like the animal species that existed on earth in prehistoric times – or even in this current age – evidence has already been found on Mars of animal inhabitants.

There is also evidence to indicate Mars may have hybrids, that is, animal species that possess the characteristics of two or more earth species within the same being.

This evidence furthers the possibility that a reptile-like alien might currently exist on the Red Planet.