NASA Captures Unprecedented Mysterious Waveforms in Clouds above Earth

In NASA images captured from the International Space Station, unprecedented waveforms created patterns through the clouds that are leading people to believe it is either a mysterious craft from the US, of extraterrestrial origin, a top-secret sonic weapon, or proof that the US is controlling the weather.

Strange, never-before-seen patterns in clouds

NASA posted the images last week in the photos say at all. The images show unusual ripple patterns that have created unprecedented waveforms, unlike any ever seen before.

ISS061-E-27623 NASA picture of wave formations in clouds

The waveforms captured in the clouds are massive. There are miles and miles of ripples upon ripples trailing off behind whatever is hurtling forward and leaving them in its wake.

ISS and ripples: Same place, same time – a coincidence?

One of the most telling coincidences – or not a coincidence at all – is the fact that the international space station just happened to be directly overhead at the perfect time to capture the unusual ripple pattern in the clouds above the earth.

Was this mere luck? Most people don’t believe it was.

The fact that the ISS was in the exact location necessary to capture the images points to an experiment.

ISS061-E-27669 NASA second picture of wave formations in clouds

Further, the images are of the extremely high resolution and of the utmost quality, which also indicates the possibility that this was purposeful testing.

New technology, weather manipulation or alien craft?

There are five distinct possibilities of people have put forth to explain the cause of the unique and never before seen ripple pattern viewed in the clouds:

1. New US military aircraft

As the US is ramping up a space-based military unit, many are speculating that the ripples are caused by some type of new flying craft that can operate in space and has a military purpose.

2. A sonic weapon

A second hypothesis is that it is some type of new sound-based weapon that is being tested in space by the US military, and that the ripples represent sonic waveforms occurring as a result of a blast being discharged.

3. Weather manipulation

Others propose that this is proof that the US military is experimenting with weather manipulation, and the ripple in the clouds is an after-effect of such testing.

4. Alien spacecraft

The fourth supposition is that NASA captured an alien spacecraft trying to cloak itself within the clouds. They believe this is one of the most convincing latest UFO sightings that proves the US government knows more about aliens than they are telling us.

5. Meteor

Lastly, some have ventured that the ripples in the clouds are the result of a large meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere through the clouds.