Most Haunted Mental Asylum in US Opens as World-Class Horror Attraction

Most Haunted Mental Asylum in US Opens as World-Class Horror Attraction

Eloise Asylum has a shocking and haunted history as a mental hospital. Starting on October 1, it has been transformed into a horror-themed, state-of-the-art, multimillion-dollar haunted house attraction open to the public.

Haunted mental asylum transformed into horror theme attraction

Michigan’s Eloise Psychiatric Hospital has a haunted history going back to the 1800s. But now, it has been transformed into a world-class, fully immersive, horror-themed attraction that opened to the public for the first time on October 1.

But before we look into this new haunted house experience, let’s look back at the terrifying and troublesome past of this facility…

A brief history of Eloise

In 1832, Eloise started out as a poor house and farm, then called the Wayne County Poorhouse, located in Westland, Michigan. But by 1913, it was divided into three divisions: The Eloise Hospital (later Mental Hospital), the Eloise Infirmary (Poorhouse), and the Eloise Sanatorium (T.B. Hospital) which were collectively called Eloise.

It officially was designated as a status island in 1848, Tales of Eloise reports. In its prime, it was the largest psychiatric facility in the United States, consisting of 78 buildings on 902 acres with 10,000 patients in 2,000 staff. It was its own city. After 150 years in operation, it shut down in 1982. Only five buildings and the Eloise Cemetery remain today.

The haunted history of Eloise Psychiatric Hospital

Eloise was commonly referred to as the “crazy hospital,” the facility where mentally disturbed patients were sent which included the insane and the incurable.

The asylum was also the subject of the 2016 horror film Eloise.

There are also some grisly urban legends associated with the asylum. Neighboring communities claimed they could hear the eerie cries of despair from some of the patients. It is alleged that psychiatrists began experimenting with brain chemistry, giving various pills and powders to patients. After patients died, unclaimed bodies were sent to Wayne University College of Medicine to be used as cadavers for study.

One of the more reportedly haunted areas is the basement. A couple of years ago, it was visited by Detroit Paranormal Expeditions who captured orange light and an orb. They reportedly heard water dripping, shuffling footsteps, and the feeling that someone else was down there, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Eloise is considered by some to be one of the most haunted places in America. Four years after the hospital closed, visitors reported odd occurrences on the hospital grounds. Some people reported finding jars that contained human body parts, as well as documents that outline strange medical procedures, Click On Detroit reported.

New Eloise haunted house attraction may be the most high-tech in the world

In 2018, Wayne County sold the entire complex to developers for only one dollar. The plan was to redevelop it into affordable senior housing and emergency housing.

But instead, the old asylum was transformed into a multimillion-dollar, 30,000 square-foot high-tech, fully immersive horror attraction that promises to be an experience like no other.

The attraction is state-of-the-art and promises to be frighteningly real, on par with parks and attractions like Disney and Universal Studios.

One piece of high-tech gear that will be utilized are some extremely rare spark pyrotechnic simulators, which produce a cold spark that is safe, odorless, and has a low smoke output.

The walk-through experience is expected to last between 35-40 minutes, featuring over 100 staff and professionally trained actors nightly.

For more information about availability and prices, visit Eloise Asylum online.