Man Claims He Can Summon UFOs and the Military Is Paying Attention

Man Claims He Can Summon UFOs and the Military Is Paying Attention

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A man is making news claiming he can telepathically interact with UFOs and summon them. Similar claims were made in the 70s and 80s by another man with documented proof and now the military is paying attention.

SoCal man claims he can summon UFOs and more

In a video released last month, Robert Bingham of South Pasadena, California, made news claiming that he could telepathically interact with UFOs and summon them, reported.

“What I do is I’m a summoner,” Bingham said in the video. “I bring in UFOs and I interact with the UFOs and I interact with Big Foot, I interact with ghosts, but mostly UFOs.”

Bingham said his first UFO experience occurred twenty years ago and he has reached out to them ever since, Yahoo! News reported.

“What I do for the summoning techniques is I look into a blue sky, a blank sky blue and I just concentrate on one little spot of that blue sky and concentrate and I telepathically tell them to arrive, like I’m doing now,” Bingham claimed in the footage.

According to Bingham, he believes he is receiving this information to prepare himself and others for events to come.

“If I’ve got it, I say it,” Bingham declared. “I don’t hold back and say ‘Oh they’re going to think I’m crazy’. I say it.”

“And the government believes me,” Bingham added. “Believe me they believe me. That’s why they’re coming out with that stuff now.”

The ‘PK Man’ who could summon UFOs and change the weather: Ted Owens

Few people today are aware of a man named Ted Owens, who not only claimed he could contact UFOs and summon them to appear but, who had psychokinetic abilities he could use to affect the weather and more.

Owens had a genius-level IQ and was a member of Mensa. He considered himself to be the world’s greatest psychic.

The best source of the story of Ted Owens and his incredible claims, as well as reproductions of documented proof in newspapers of some of his abilities, are found in the book The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter written by psychologist Jeffrey Mishlove, host of the popular public television program Thinking Allowed.

The book goes into detail about Owens’ claims of using psychokinesis to affect weather, produce earthquakes, and summon UFOs. Using actual newspaper clippings, the book shows that Owens made good on several claims that he would use his psychokinetic powers to create an event.

Mishlove makes a strong argument on both sides, providing documented proof of predictions Owens made that came to be, as well as offers the opposite view that Owens may have been a prodigious liar and dangerous con-man.

Owens had an angry side, and due to the skepticism and ridicule he sometimes faced, he threatened to do some awful things to prove what he could do using psychokinesis, such as bringing down aircraft or causing civil unrest.

Owens dubbed himself the “PK Man.” He claims that his powers of psychokinesis were given to him by space intelligences wishing to bring attention to the dangers that nuclear weapons environmental pollution was posing for mankind.