Is the Belief in Extraterrestrials America’s New Religion?

Is the Belief in Extraterrestrials America’s New Religion?

As credible new evidence has come forward by the US government in recent years showing video of your photos, backed by shows like Ancient Aliens, 60% of young Americans and over 50% of US adults now in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, something that is now equal with the number of people who believe in God.

Alien belief equals the number of believers and nonbelievers

In a recent study, for the first time in US history, 50 percent of people claimed their religion as “none” – equaling the number of people who profess faith of some kind. This revelation sent shockwaves among the faithful as it showed a substantial falling away of religious beliefs in America.

But at the same time that traditional religions are seen a decline, a new belief that a greater source of knowledge and existence beyond our world is out there – intelligent alien life.

Proof of alien life would transform religion

Beyond all doubts, the discovery of the existence of alien life beyond our planet would have a transformative effect on religion here on earth. In fact, it might completely shatter it, especially if the discovery of extraterrestrials and knowledge they may impart contradicted what has been long-held in the teachings of certain faiths.

One could envision that people would embrace these extraterrestrials, especially if they had advanced technology and knowledge that dwarfed ours, seeing them as superior and following their religious teachings, (assuming they have them) or abandoning religion altogether in favor of a scientific and natural worldview.

People believe because the government believes

Recent reports like those of the Navy pilots who provided verifiable evidence and footage from reliable sources of your photos, combined with NASA scientists who are willing to go on record, have a lot to do with changing the belief systems of the public at large.

When people see government officials not disputing sightings and actually leaning farther and farther toward a belief that proof of extraterrestrial life being just around the corner, the public believes disclosure is not far off. In fact, they believe the government already knows and is simply waiting for the right time to make the announcement.

NASA scientists believe

This past February, current NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine said he believes we won’t have to wait much longer to get our first glimpse of ET, and is singling out Mars as a particularly promising abode for life.

“We are going to find extraterrestrial life,” former chief scientist at NASA Ellen Stofan said in a public announcement.

Silvano Colombano, a computer expert and roboticist at NASA’s Ames Research Center has called on the agency to be more “aggressive” in its search for aliens, while adding that Earth may have already been visited by aliens