Incident with Train 1702: A UFO Dragged a Train in Russia for over an Hour

Incident with Train 1702: A UFO Dragged a Train in Russia for over an Hour

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Thirty-five years ago, witnesses say that a UFO four meters in diameter took control of a freight train in Russia and dragged it for over an hour…Here is the “incident with train 1702” as published in a Technology Journal.

The story of “incident with train 1702”

In 1985, in the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, witnesses described how freight train 1702, which was carrying 70 empty wagons, was overtaken and pulled by a UFO for over an hour.

The story was published four years later in the journal “Technology of Youth” in # 8, 1989, Infinity Explorers reports.

It happened in February on a section of the Petrozavodsk-Suoyarvi railway, Curiosmos reports. The train was on its way to Kostomuksha via Petrozavodsk and Suoyarvi.

At 20:35, the driver Sergei Orlov of the train and his assistant V. Mironov, passed through the Essoila station. The locomotive was on schedule. But then Orlov noticed a ball-shaped object at the side, in the trees, moving parallel and keeping pace with the train. The two men kept a close eye on the object as it followed them.

“Look, they released a beam of light to the ground,” Orlov said to his assistant at one point. “Then [they] pulled it back.”

UFO moves in and overtakes train

The next thing both men knew, the ball-shaped object rushed in front of this speeding locomotive, now flying ahead of them at a distance of roughly 30-50 meters.

Fearing a collision with the “ball,” the locomotive driver turned off the propulsion engines then braked, trying to slow the train. But to his surprise, though pressing the brakes with all his might, the train did not stop or slow. The train kept moving forward, even though it was no longer being propelled by its engines. The locomotive now traveled as if being pulled by something.

Both Orlov and Mironov were stunned, looking on, powerless to stop the train, as it now seemed that the mysterious “ball” was dragging the train behind it, as if being pulled by some power beam.

A second UFO spotted by eyewitness

As the train was approaching the Novye Peski station, Orlov made radio contact with the station attendant and attempted to explain the mysterious object to her. Not understanding what they were trying to describe, she decided to step out onto the platform to take a look with her own eyes.

The woman saw not one, but two strange objects flying in front of the train. She described the first as an object shaped like an inverted pelvis, like that of a classic disk -shaped UFO. She also described it as a kind of vibrating apparatus.

Apparently, from their position inside the train, Orlov and Mironov were not at a vantage point that would have allowed them to see the second UFO.

The station attendant described the second object as being a luminous ball. She noted that it flew in front of the locomotive, with both moving at a speed of at least 50 kilometers per hour.

UFO pulled train 3 separate times before vanishing

As train 1702 rushed by the station, it did not slow down at all, and the attendant feared the ball was going to crash directly into the station house. As it reached the station, the ball flew away from the train, and the locomotive itself lost speed. Various objects struck the driver’s cabin and windshield, injuring Orlov and Mironov badly. Then, passing the station, the ball returned and began pulling the train again, increasing its speed.

Finally, after an hour had expired, as the train approached the station Zastava, the UFO departed the train again. The ball of light disappeared somewhere behind the wooded forest. Out of the UFO script, the train slowed immediately and was able to stop at the station.

Orlov jumped out of cabin to check the train for damage. Then a bright beam of light illuminated him from above. He got back in the train, and the minute he was inside the cabin, the UFO ball began to drag the train along again for some time. Suddenly, the ball departed, not to return.

What was the strange UFO?

Orlov and Mironov would later describe the ball-shaped object as having the correct geometric shape as a flying saucer, and roughly 4 meters in diameter. They noted that it moved along not very high off the ground and completely silent.

According to reports, the train and its 70 carriages were pulled along by the UFO for one hour and twenty minutes for a distance of over 50 kilometers. As proof that the train was not moving under its own locomotion, it was noted that the train had saved 300 kilograms of diesel fuel it should have spent traveling such a distance.

Although officials were unable to provide a logical explanation for the incident, the diagrams of recorders installed on the train confirmed testimony and documented the events. Witnesses corroborated the sighting of the glowing ball at the Karelian station Kutizhma, as well as shortly before the incident with Train 1702 began.