How to Tell If Your House Is Haunted

How to Tell If Your House Is Haunted


Are you living in a haunted house? We’ve assembled the top tell-tale signs that you are sharing your home with ghosts.

45% of Americans believe that ghosts, demons, and other spirits exist. Even if you’ve never had a paranormal experience, you probably know someone who has. There are simply too many stories that can’t be explained any other way.

In the words of the Ghostbusters: “We’re ready to believe you!”

History of the Home

The first thing you should consider is the history of your home. Older homes are more likely to be haunted because there have simply been more lives moving through them. However, that doesn’t mean a newer building can’t be haunted. Find out as much as you can about the home’s history, as well as the site where it was built. While it’s unlikely you are living on top of a forgotten burial ground, it has happened before!


One prevailing theory is that ghosts are a kind of impression left by a strong emotional experience. Murder or untimely death is an extreme example. In traumatic hauntings, the impression might be made by the victim’s terror or the aggressor’s anger even if both of them survived.

Houses are a bit like sponges that soak up the energy of the people that live in them. If yours has soaked up a lot of negativity, you can expect negative paranormal phenomena. More rarely, positive feelings of joy and love can leave their residue behind.

Cold Spots

The most common indicator that spirits are afoot? Inexplicable drops in temperature. This might be one, relatively constant part of your home that always seems to be a few degrees colder than the rest for no reason.

Alternatively, you might experience seemingly random cold spots at different times and in different areas.

Pets Reacting Strangely


Animals experience the paranormal on a different level than we do. Cats seem to be particularly in touch with the spirit world, but other animals can sense when something isn’t right in your home.

Pay attention when your pets start growling or hissing at thin air, whimpering or acting frightened. They might be seeing something human senses cannot detect.

Misplacing Objects

Are you forgetful–or is a mischievous ghost moving your stuff while you aren’t looking? Sometimes, spirits might not be happy about sharing their space with the living. One way they act out is by hiding or moving your possessions.


These tricks are usually harmless, but watch out if things seem to be escalating. That could indicate you have a poltergeist, or malevolent entity, on your hands.

Strange Noises and Flickering Lights

These are the most insidious signs of a haunting because it’s so easy to convince yourself that you are overreacting. That scratching sound behind the walls? Probably mice. The flickering lights? Old houses often have bad wiring. But no exterminator or electrician can help you if the problem is actually a ghost.


Ultimately, this is a case where you need to trust your instincts. If you don’t feel comfortable or safe, then it’s worth checking out. Get mundane professionals to eliminate the usual suspects. In that case, the help of a professional medium might offer you peace of mind. At the very least, you should consider cleansing your living space with saltwater and/or sage.