Home Security Sends Phone Photo Alert of Intruder: It’s Ghost of Son

Home Security Sends Phone Photo Alert of Intruder: It’s Ghost of Son

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A Georgia woman received a photo message on her cell phone from her security system, alerting her that its camera spotted a person. The image was clearly ghostly, and the mother recognized the intruder: her deceased son.

Woman’s home security sends her photo of intruder: She recognizes ghostly figure as her deceased son

A woman in Georgia was watching TV with her daughter. The mother says she was nearly asleep when she received an alert on her phone from her security system. The alert said: “Your entryway camera saw someone.”

The text of the message read: “Your entryway camera spotted a person at 11:51 PM on 1/5/19.”

The photo itself is rather clear, but the figure appearing in the footage is fuzzy and ghost-like, although unquestionably resembles the shape and dimensions of a human being.

The images can be seen in this YouTube video.

After the event, Jennifer Hodge posted the photo that had been automatically generated from the security camera’s video footage and sent to her cell phone when the incident occurred. It drew the attention of a local CBS station in Atlanta, the Ron Project reported.

Hodge posted that the figure in the photo looks just like her son Robbie who died in 2016. She later told media outlets that he had died of an accidental drug overdose. He was only 23 and it is suspected that he had taken fake Xanax.

The mother and daughter rushed to the scene of the image but there was nothing there. No further sidings have occurred.

Looking at the photo, the woman’s daughter said: “That’s Robbie!”

“I was stunned,” Hodge says. “And it did look just like him – beard and all.”

“Now, I feel like he was letting me know he is happy in heaven,” Hodge, said of her deceased son. “That brings me some comfort, but I still just think it’s weird. I haven’t seen anything since and I had never seen a ghost before.”

Paranormal investigators asked to examine footage

CBS46 Atlanta spoke showed the footage to a pair of paranormal investigators, Heather Thompson and Stephanie Forte with paranormal Georgia investigations, to determine if the footage was real.

“It was definitely a human figure,” one of the investigators said. “There wasn’t anything questionable as to maybe that’s the curtain bellowing or maybe that’s an appliance. That’s definitely a human figure.”

“It’s definitely unexplainable,” the other paranormal investigators said. “But you can definitely tell in the photo that there is a human figure. No one is around at the time and something happens that we can explain.”

According to the paranormal investigators, nothing else in the room could have triggered the security system to send such an alert. It is unclear whether the investigators entered the woman’s home or not.