Genuine–Looking Video of Bigfoot in Michigan Woods Leaves Experts Baffled

Genuine–Looking Video of Bigfoot in Michigan Woods Leaves Experts Baffled

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

Possibly the most genuine-looking footage of Bigfoot ever captured was released last week and reportedly has experts and enthusiasts alike baffled by this incredible sighting in Michigan. Read more and see for yourself.

Mind-blowing Bigfoot footage: Can it be real?

Perhaps what could be the most genuine-appearing video footage of a Bigfoot-like creature ever captured was released last week. Trust us, you have never seen anything like this. This footage of Bigfoot at the edge of the lake in the Michigan woods and then crossing it, has even the experts scratching their heads.

The hulking, brownish-red, hair-covered, ape-meets-humanoid creature was video recorded as it squatted at the edge of the Cass River, a 61.5 mile-long river in Michigan’s Thumb region. The river is a tributary of Lake Huron, running from Saginaw Bay and flowing into the Shiawassee national wildlife refuge. As the footage continues, the Bigfoot creature crosses the river.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

Bigfoot with a baby or a deer?

The video begins with the creature kneeling at the edge of the Cass River. The Bigfoot-like creature is holding something that it has wedged around its right arm.

Whatever object the creature is holding onto is a little difficult to discern, as the video was shot at some distance, and the lens focus from that far away is unclear. 

However, the footage is clear enough to tell that whatever the creature is holding is fur-covered. The coloring is similar.

Some say it is an infant creature of the same kind, while others say it is a deer.

The creature stands and crosses the river, taking the object with it. The river’s water level for the creature varies between below the knee and slightly above the knee. How deep the river is at that point is unknown. The creature appears to be very large. However, there is nothing near to the beast that can immediately be gauged in size for comparison.

More photos and info

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization posted the video. In the YouTube video, they say that the footage was sent to them by Eddie V, who told them it was taken by his cousin who was kayaking on the Cass River.

In addition to the original footage, they also showed slowed and zoomed-in footage from the original to get a better look at what is happening in the video.

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization has posted more photos, videos, and information about this incredible sighting on its blog. In addition, the group also features numerous videos and reports of other Bigfoot sightings.