Former US Defense Official Blasts Media Over Bogus UFO Coverage

Former US Defense Official Blasts Media Over Bogus UFO Coverage


Christopher Mellon, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence during the Clinton and Bush administrations, is increasingly frustrated with UFO media coverage.

In a recent post on his blog, Mellon expresses his disappointment in media coverage following the recent UFO report released by Congress. Despite massive interest from both policymakers and the general public, Mellon says that the media has pushed a narrative that flies in the face of the actual report.

Key Findings of the Report

Mellon identifies some key findings in the new report that he believes the media should be extrapolating their stories from.

First, the report provides no evidence that the UAPs are secret or test aircraft developed by the United States. “Surely our government can account for its own aircraft programs when each is worth billions,” he points out. Technology advancements that would match the abilities of the UAPs observed would “cost a fortune and, by law, have to be briefed to a minimum of 8 members of Congress.”

Secondly, the report cannot attribute most of the UAP sightings to Russian or Chinese tech. It says that “some” of the sightings could be Russian or Chinese, but there is no evidence to even support that theory. The United States leads the world in military technology, so the possibility of Russia or China leapfrogging us is slim. In other words, attributing vastly superior UAP tech to Russia, China, or any other world power is a long shot.

Instead of coming to a natural conclusion based on these two findings, Mellon says that the media’s reaction was “Not aliens!” Why? Because the report doesn’t explicitly point a finger at them.


The UFO community has been abuzz since the release of the report, discussing if the we are all witnessing the first phase of disclosure (the government admittance of alien life). There’s no way to know for sure whether the government has found proof of advanced extraterrestrial life, but the media’s approach to the report has centered mostly on the fact that the report does not explicitly cite aliens as the force behind UAPs.

“Did anyone really think the Administration was going to deliver the most profound and disruptive discovery of all time in an unclassified report to Congress…” Mellon asks. He goes on to criticize the media for acting surprised that the government didn’t outright admit to extraterrestrial life, and instead focused on spinning the report to somehow prove that aliens don’t exist — just because they weren’t included.

Mellon believes that the report actually strengthens the case that UAPs are alien technology simply because there is no other explanation offered. Note that Mellon is not saying that the report confirms extraterrestrials — it doesn’t — but it does not make a case at all to exclude the possibility.

An Existential Threat

Mellon calls for the country to acknowledge that the challenge is “existential, not academic.” Unknown craft flying in US airspace is a matter of national security, after all. Whether these craft are piloted by ETs or not is irrelevant to the potential threat.

Extraterrestrial technology is not addressed in the report at all — a fact that Mellon says is due to its politically sensitive nature. Mellon concludes his post by asking when the government and the media will begin taking the alien hypothesis more seriously. When ET technology is the only “viable explanation” to UAPs, how long can it be avoided?

Unfortunately, knowing our press and government… a long time.