Forest Hiking Trails with Paranormal Activity in the US–Explore if You Dare

Forest Hiking Trails with Paranormal Activity in the US–Explore if You Dare

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Here are six creepy hiking trails through the forests around the US that are known as hotbeds for paranormal activity, including ghosts, cryptids, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, UFOs, the Jersey Devil, and inexplicable disappearances.

1. Santa Fe National Forest: Terrero, New Mexico

Activity: Ghosts, UFOs, disappearances, sounds

Known as the “Bermuda triangle of New Mexico,” this forested area is known for strange happenings. It has been associated with odd sounds, inexplicable disappearances, and UFOs. In the 17th century, a Spanish priest was murdered at the Holy Ghost Campground, and his spirit is said to haunt the area.

2. Pine Barrens: New Jersey

Activity: the Jersey Devil, demons

The Pine Barrens in New Jersey stretch over most of the southern half of the state. A creepy legend from 1735 is connected with it. Jane Leeds, a mother-to-be in Estellville, New Jersey, (now known as “Mother Leeds”) learned she was pregnant with her thirteenth child, and reportedly said: “Let it be the devil.” According to legend, when the child was born it turned into a flying, cloven-hood demon that has come to be called “The Jersey Devil.” For the last 250 years, this bipedal, who within, kangaroo-like creature with leathery wings, horns, and small arms with clawed hands has flown throughout the area terrifying residents

3. Gifford Pinchot National Forest: Amboy, Washington

Activity: Cryptids, Bigfoot/Sasquatch

Bigfoot enthusiasts have to check out this forest in the Pacific Northwest, known as a hotbed of cryptid activity, particularly Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings. Local laws have made Skamania County, Washington a safe haven for cryptids.

4. Yosemite National Park: Chilnualna Falls Trail, North Wawona, California

Activity: Hauntings, evil spirit

According to the legends of the Native American Miwok tribe, an evil spirit lowers people to the edge of the waterfalls here and pushes them over. In the middle of Yosemite National Park, runs the 8-mile-long Chilnualna Falls Trail. Along the way, is Grouse Lake. Reportedly, a boy drowned there and still haunts the area. The whole trail has a very creepy vibe, which is probably awesome for people who love that kind of thing.

5. Morgan-Monroe State Forest: Martinsville, Indiana

Activity: Ghosts, hauntings, Bigfoot

The undead are said to prowl in this forest of numerous hiking trails that lie southwest of Indianapolis. Hikers have reported seeing the ghost of a mother who mourns at the grave of her dead child. There’s also a haunted cabin where campers are said to rarely be able to stay there for an entire night. It is even said that in the deep shadows of these creepy words, Bigfoot is lurking.