FBI Releases “Bigfoot” Hair Samples, Researchers Claim They Found DNA

FBI Releases “Bigfoot” Hair Samples, Researchers Claim They Found DNA


The FBI has finally released documents related to its investigation of Bigfoot in 1977 that the agency has been holding in a vault all this time – here’s what they found…

FBI finally unlocks Bigfoot vault

The FBI has finally released 22 records it has held in the FBI records vault since 1977. The documents are now available through the Freedom of Information Act.

The documents reveal that the FBI’s Scientific and Technical Services Division examined 15 hairs that were sent to the agency by Peter Byrne, who headed the now-defunct Bigfoot Information Center and Exhibition in Oregon.

Letter sent to FBI by leading Bigfoot researcher

In a letter sent to the FBI by Byrne in August 1976, he wrote, “will you kindly, to set the record straight, once and for all, inform us if the FBI has examined hair which might be that of Bigfoot.”

“Please understand that our research here is serious,” Byrne added in the letter. “That this is a serious question that needs answering.”

In response to Byrne’s letter, the agency explained that the FBI mainly examines criminal investigations “on a case-by-case basis.”

However, Jay Cochran, then assistant director of the division, who responded to Byrne, added that the FBI does make some exceptions to this general policy “in the interest of research and scientific inquiry.”

And in this case, the FBI did make an exception and here’s what testing revealed…

FBI testing reveals finding of “Bigfoot” hair

Forensic examination of the 15 hairs sent to the FBI by Byrne turned out to be those of deer origin.

Though disappointed with the findings, Byrne, who is now 93, says he hasn’t given up hope on the existence of Bigfoot.

Other sources do DNA tests on “Bigfoot” samples

While it’s taken the FBI over 40 years to reveal the results of its testing (talk about bureaucratic red tape!), in recent years, other sources have performed DNA testing on alleged Bigfoot samples.

In 2017, DNA testing on nine alleged Yeti (Bigfoot’s Asian cousin) bones turned out to be that of a few Asian bear species, and one was that of a dog.

Texas veterinarian claims to have real Bigfoot DNA samples

Despite other tests revealing that all of the supposed Bigfoot samples turned out to be those of animals, a veterinarian in Texas, Melba Ketchum, and her team, after conducting the five-year study, and after examining over 100 DNA samples has found one they believe belongs to Bigfoot.

The team of researchers concluded that the DNA sample represents a hybrid cross between Homo sapiens and an unknown primate that somehow developed approximately 15,000 years ago.