Ex-Pentagon UFO Chief Inks Book Deal, Set to Reveal Shocking Details

Ex-Pentagon UFO Chief Inks Book Deal, Set to Reveal Shocking Details


Luis Elizondo, the former chief of the Pentagon’s UFO program, has signed a major book deal for his memoir which “promises to reveal shocking never-before-shared details” about UFOs and “profound implications for humanity.”

Former chief of US agency studying UFOs to release new tell-all book

Luis Elizondo, who formerly headed the Department of Defense’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which studied UFOs and UAPs (the new buzzword replacing UFO, which means unidentified aerial phenomena) is releasing a new tell-all book.

Elizondo signed a book deal with William Morrow, a HarperCollins imprint, following a competitive bidding war, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the publisher, the memoir “promises to reveal shocking never-before-shared details regarding what Elizondo has learned about UFOs and the profound implications for humanity, all of which will escalate what is already a hot topic globally.”

“The American people now know a small portion of what I and my colleagues in the Pentagon have been privy to,” Elizondo said in a statement. “…These UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) are not secret U.S. technology, that they do not seem to belong to any known allies or adversaries and that our intelligence services have yet to identify a terrestrial explanation for these extraordinary vehicles. This conversation is only just beginning.”

Videos of Elizondo interviews have garnered millions of views

Elizondo’s book is likely to be a bestseller out of the gate. The former Pentagon UFO chief has been making the rounds recently discussing what the agency he headed discovered about UAPs and UFOs with outlets such as 60 Minutes (10 million views) and the Washington Post (2 million views), and those are just two of the many to be found on YouTube.

June Pentagon report leaves more questions than answers

On June 25, 2021, The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) released its “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified aerial phenomena” report to the public. The task force was set to update Congress within 90 days on its collection strategy to standardize incident reporting across all US military branches.

However, it contained limited information about the findings of the task force, leaving many disappointed. The report was focused on 143 sightings that have been made by military aviators since 2004 of UAPs that defied traditional classification, including some objects which seem to contradict the laws of physics.

The report stated: “The limited amount of high quality reporting on unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) hampers our ability to draw firm conclusions.”

In the final analysis, the report concluded UFOs/UAPs could be part of clandestine US or foreign projects but did not cite any cases or offer any proof, NPR reported. It said observations could be results of observer misperception, spoofing, or sensor errors.