England’s Most Haunted House For Sale, Former Medieval Witch Prison

England’s Most Haunted House For Sale, Former Medieval Witch Prison

Rightmove via WalesOnline

A small cozy home with the reputation of being the most haunted house in England is now for sale and was once a medieval prison that held people accused of witchcraft.

For sale: One haunted house

A British real estate agency has just posted a listing for the small building on Facebook. The building is located in St. Osyth in Essex, U.K., and the home is being offered for 240,000 pounds ($305,478 USD).

The home’s owner, Vanessa Mitchell, has previously tried selling the home twice without success. She moved out of the home herself in 2004, fleeing after being “physically attacked” by malevolent spirits and seeing “mysterious blood splatters.”

Mitchell told a local newspaper that one of the ghosts or entities she saw resembled “a satanic-looking goat.”

Home is called “The Cage”

A home that was once a holding area for people accused of witchcraft in England, became known as “The Cage.”

The history of the home goes back to 1582 and the St. Osyth witch trials in which 14 women were accused of witchcraft-related crimes and jailed in “The Cage.”

Three of the women were later executed. One of the women was a local healer who was hanged after being accused of casting spells leading to the death of a neighbor’s newborn baby.

Bones of witches found on the property

In 1921, the remains of two female skeletons, thought to be executed witches, were unearthed from the home’s garden during a construction project. Some of the bones had what appeared to be piercings from nails.

Nailing down witches was a common practice stemming from a belief that doing so would keep their spirits from haunting the living.

Witchcraft fever

During the 16th and 17th centuries, Essex was an epicenter of witchcraft trials, which led to the execution of 82 witches there in the 1640s alone. In England overall, 112 accused witches were executed that same year.