Dr. Vallée’s Never-Before-Revealed Secrets About The Trinity UFO Crash

Dr. Vallée’s Never-Before-Revealed Secrets About The Trinity UFO Crash


Dr. Jacques Vallée, astrophysicist and a foremost authority on UFOs has written a new book entitled “Trinity: The Best-Kept Secret” in which he discusses multiple eyewitness testimony about the 1945 crash and object.

According to Vallée, the spacecraft had three extraterrestrials inside.

1945: The atomic age and UFO era are born

In a recent video interview with Mystery Wire, Dr. Jacques Vallée, discussed his new book, Trinity: The Best-Kept Secret, co-written with Paola Harris. He reveals what happened in New Mexico at a place called Trinity, where a UFO crashed in the desert in 1945.

Two years before Roswell, in August of 1945, the atomic age began when the world’s first atomic bomb was detonated at a place called Trinity, in the New Mexico desert.

However, only two weeks later, the UFO age began when an object of unknown origin crashed near the detonation site.

“[This was] two years before Roswell,” Vallée said in the new interview.

“There was no concept of flying saucers,” Vallée pointed out. “Kenneth Arnold would come up with that term in July [1947]. August ’47 is when all that thing about flying saucers came up. So there was no concept of something like that.”

“And also, the object wasn’t a saucer, the object was shaped like an egg, like an avocado,” Vallée clarified.

Large, heavy craft

Vallée estimated the size of the craft by determining what type of truck and trailer were used to call it away from the crash site.

“My estimation is between four and a half tons and five tons,” Vallée says. “It was on the side because if it had been upright, it wouldn’t have gone under the overpass on the highway.”

Multiple eyewitnesses to the crash

According to Vallée, there were multiple eyewitnesses to the Trinity UFO crash.

One local rancher and his children reported that the odd-shaped craft crashed in the desert. Other ranchers living near the bomb site both felt and saw the blast. In fact, a family member of one rancher was blinded in one eye by the light from the blast, which came two weeks after the nuclear test.

According to multiple eyewitnesses who viewed the object, it collided with a communications tower, then gouged a trench in the desert floor as it went down. The egg-shaped object came to rest mostly intact, with the exception of a hole in its side, not far from the site of the Trinity blast, according to Vallée.

Three extraterrestrials seen inside

Two young children of one of the ranchers reported seeing three occupants inside the spacecraft.

“They were short,” Vallée stated. “They were about the same size as the kids, about four feet tall. They were humanoid.”

“They were breathing the air,” Vallée explained. “They didn’t have a helmet or a mask or anything else. They had sharp eyes. They had almost no mouth and very little nose. And they were wearing coveralls that look gray. And they stayed inside the object so the kids saw them through that opening.”

Vallée discusses the Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Application Program (AAWSAP)

In the book, Vallée also makes his first public comments about the Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Application Program (AAWSAP),  a secret investigation into UFOs and related phenomena overseen by the DIA and carried out by BAASS, a private contractor.

Last week, details about AAWSAP were made public last week with the release of a new book Skinwalkers at the Pentagon.