Do These Photos Show Real Shadow People?

Do These Photos Show Real Shadow People?

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Some allegedly authentic photos of shadow people have emerged, but you’ll have to judge for yourself on authenticity as we delve into the mysterious paranormal phenomena known as a “shadow person.”

The idea of a shadow person or shadow people might be discounted by many as one’s eyes simply playing tricks on them. But far too many people have encounters that involve specific details that can’t be explained by a momentary reflection of light.

What is a Shadow Person, or Shadow People?

Before we check out these photos, here’s a quick primer about shadow people…

Shadow people, or more commonly and technically referred to as a “shadow person” (also known as a shadow figure, shadow being or black mass) is a phenomenon whereby a person sees a darkened, human-like figure, that appears to be a living shadow, often believed to be a supernatural presence belonging to a spirit or other entity.

In a number of belief systems, including some religions and legends, there have been descriptions of shadowy spiritual beings that are believed to be supernatural entities.

Some are thought to be those coming from the underworld. Such shadowy creatures have long been the subject of folklore and/or ghost stories.

Shadow people may have been discussed in the Koran, as it mentions “pitch-black sapient beings” which are not entirely physical nor spiritual.

Ancient Europeans believed shadow entities existed and “desired blood, and couldn’t be reborn without it.”

Increase in Sightings of Shadow People in Modern Times

Heidi Hollis published the first book about shadow people, and is credited with coining the term for this phenomenon in her book titled “The Secret War: A True Story About A Real Alien War and Shadow People.” She later became a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

The most common sightings of shadow entities by people report seeing these beings appearing in the corner of their peripheral vision.

In her book, “The Secret War,” Hollis described them as “dark silhouettes with human shapes and profiles that flicker in and out of peripheral vision.”

Seeing is Believing: Are These Photos of Shadow People Real?

As shadow person sightings have increased in modern times, many believe there’s a reason for this: These entities are purposely making themselves seen.

In our modern times, we have something that people of the past did not: Almost everyone is walking around with a camera in their pocket via their cell phone.

Shadow Person
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As you’re about to see, because of technology people have been able to capture convincing photos.

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Are these photos real? You decide.

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