Did NASA Capture a Moving Alien Vessel on Mars? UFO Expert says YES

Did NASA Capture a Moving Alien Vessel on Mars? UFO Expert says YES


Images captured on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover appear to show a wedge-shaped vessel and a UFO expert believes what he found was not natural but of alien origin, after indications the curious object had moved.

The detail NASA provided in the photos indicated that they were taken by the Curiosity rover with the date stamp Sol 862, which is equivalent to January 8, 2015, on Earth.

UFO expert spots unnatural object in raw NASA photos

The owner of the YouTube UFO channel called “Terry’s Theories” was browsing through a gallery of raw images taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars. As he was poring over the photos, what he saw in a couple of photos stopped him dead in his tracks.

Terry noticed there was something different in the two photos, beyond the mostly rocky surfaces and nearby hills on the Red Planet, as is typically seen in photos of Mars.

Wedge-shaped object on Mars appears to be alien vessel

Terry noticed an unusual, unnatural object that was sitting just above the hills featured in one of the photos of Mars captured by the Curiosity rover. What was the most strange to Terry was that the mysterious object he saw in one photo was not there in a different photo showing the exact same region. Terry concluded that finding was a clear indication that the object was not a natural part of the landscape or area and that it had moved.

wedge shaped craft over mars

Object appears to be operational

After spotting the strange object, Terry zoomed in. He described the object as an elongated wedge-shape.

“It almost looks like a wedge,” Terry said. “I don’t want to call it a saucer-shape because it’s just…I don’t think that it is.”

Because the object is seen in one photo, but not there in another photo of the exact same area, it seems to indicate that the object isn’t some type of natural formation. Further, because the object has moved, it indicates the object could be a vessel that is operational.

Upon closer inspection, Terry noticed the object was hovering above the ground. He postulated that the object could be an alien vessel that was flying just above the hills on the Red Planet.

What skeptics think

Skeptics try to explain away this peculiar finding as nothing more than a speck of dust on the lens of the Curiosity rover’s camera. They believe that Martian winds blew the speck away when the rover took another photo in the same region. They say this explains why the object appears in the exact same area at one time and not at another.