Demi Lovato Hosts New UFO Show, Describes “Incredible” UFO Encounter

Demi Lovato Hosts New UFO Show, Describes “Incredible” UFO Encounter


Singer Demi Lovato is hosting a new documentary series Unidentified, focused on searching for UFO answers. They discussed a personal, life-changing UFO encounter ahead of the show’s premiere.

Demi Lovato appears in new UFO show: Unidentified

Singer, popstar, and activist Demi Lovato will appear in four episodes of Unidentified, a new series on Peacock which makes its debut on September 30.

Demi, along with sister Dallas and skeptical best friend Matthew, appear in four episodes in which they attempt to uncover the truth regarding UFO phenomena. The three will meet with alien abductees, investigate recent eyewitness encounters, as well as dig up secret government reports to find the facts, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Demi Lovato discusses “incredible” UFO encounter

“I had a pretty profound experience on my 28th birthday,” Lovato told EW in an exclusive interview. “I made [alien] contact, and it was a pretty mind-blowing experience. Ever since then, I started to look into this more and I wanted to do a show about it.”

Perez Hilton reported that the encounter occurred in the California desert.

“We went out into the desert in Joshua Tree and I basically saw this blue orb that was about 50 feet away, maybe less,” Lovato recalled. “And it was kind of like floating above the ground, just like 10 or 15 feet, and it was kind of keeping its distance from me.”

“We were stargazing and we tried to do this protocol where you make contact, and all of a sudden something showed up directly above us in the sky,” Lovato continued. “It was huge lights that made a question mark, almost, in the sky — and then it just like backed out.”

Lovato says experience was life-changing

“I realized [then] that my life was probably going to change in a spiritual way, because I have a spiritual connection to this journey as well,” Lovato said. “The feeling that you get from these beings is so warm and loving and accepting that it’s just overwhelming joy that happens when you’re able to make contact.”

“Beings are extremely peaceful and loving,” Lovato claims

Lovato went on to specify what making contact was.

“When I say make contact, I just mean intentionally try to meditate and try to manifest sightings,” Lovato explained. “It’s not that I’m actually, like, shaking hands with these beings — although I would love that. I think these beings are extremely peaceful and loving and when they show up, you can absolutely feel that concept.”

Video interview

You can hear more about this encounter in this video interview with Demi Lovato posted on YouTube by Daily Pop E!