Declassified CIA Docs Reveal ‘Really True’ Paranormal Abilities from China

Declassified CIA Docs Reveal ‘Really True’ Paranormal Abilities from China

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A trove of CIA documents that examined paranormal abilities in China has been declassified, revealing the use of the mind to move and teleport small objects and to write or draw, concluding the phenomena is “really true.”

Chinese paranormal studies described in CIA documents

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has declassified a number of documents that report on several paranormal studies undertaken in China that were focused on psi phenomena related to the use of the mind to achieve seemingly impossible physical tasks, The Pulse reported.

Teleporting objects with the mind

If you’ve ever watched Star Trek, you’re familiar with teleporting. It’s the ability to move an object from one place to another. And while the sci-fi TV series has a device that physically does the teleporting, a study in China looks at the ability to achieve teleportation by only mental means.

One study involved an examination of the ability to teleport small objects inside containers from one location to another using only the mind.

In 1991, the Chinese Institute of atomic energy commented on the study, now archived by the CIA, stating: “Such phenomena and paranormal abilities of the human body are unimaginable for ordinary people. Nevertheless they are really true.”

The study provided multiple examples of the phenomena, all done under double-blind, tightly controlled conditions. The tests were undertaken on multiple subjects, including gifted children.

Girl uses only mind to write and draw

In one of the most startling examples of paranormal abilities, a girl referred to as “Little Ji” was able to write and draw with a pen without ever touching the writing instrument.

The astonishing study is titled “Investigation Into The Force of Parapsychological Writing” and was published in the Chinese Journal of Somatic Sciences, and involved researchers from Fudan University, a major research university located in Shanghai. The study was published in China in July 1990, and the declassified CIA report on the study was released in August 2000.

In the study, besides the abilities of “Little Ji,” it also cites a “large number of experiments” where the phenomenon of parapsychological writing has been demonstrated and documented repeatedly.

One of the purposes of the study was aimed at detecting any existing “force” that could be measured when gifted people demonstrate their “paranormal” ability. In this regard, three experiments were undertaken for that express purpose.

“Little Ji” mental writing and drawing

A piece of paper and a fountain pen with black ink were placed inside a film canister. Little Ji was asked to use only her thoughts in an attempt to write or draw on the paper using the pen.

Researchers set up a balance, and on the left plate, they placed a plastic film container that held a square of white paper. The lid to the canister was left slightly open. On the right side of the balance, a piece of material and identical weight of the canister was placed to keep the balance level. Next to the balance, there was a concrete slab with the pen.

According to the study:

“She was to concentrate her thoughts on this to the exception of everything else. We conducted a total of nine experiments, of which three were successful. Each experiment lasted for 15 to 25 minutes. The words and drawings were all black like the ink in the fountain pen used in the experiment. In the three successful experiments, two had clear characters and drawings and the other had fairly blurry circles and dots. Neither of the two observers saw the mechanical balance move at all, demonstrating that the film canister was not under any observable ‘outside force.'”

Naturally, the first question that arises was did the “black ink” actually come from the pen, or was it mentally generated on the paper?

That question was addressed in the next experiment when various pens with different color inks were used. Researchers noted that the ink marks that appeared on the paper were both blue and green, the color in the other pens.

Other test subjects achieve similar results

Besides Little Ji, researchers performed the same test with different “psychic” subjects. Multiple subjects were also able to write on the paper successfully ten times.

The researchers wrote: “the ‘pen’ appears in their ‘mind,’ they imagine the object on which the pen is to write (paper, tape, etc). Finally, the ‘pen’ will suddenly write or make a mark on the paper or tape in their minds with a flash and the process is over. There are also times when the person will use thought to image the paper or tape and then to imagine the ‘pen,’ and finally the flash described above.”

Researchers unable to detect “force” behind ability

In the second and third experiments, researchers were trying to detect any type of measurable force that could explain the phenomenon. The second experiment used a thermobalance looking for a relationship between mass and temperature.

A third experiment used a piezoelectric crystal to detect any type of electromagnetic force.

In both experiments, no force was detectable. It could mean that such phenomena are “supernatural” and not measurable within our natural realm or given our natural abilities. Still, such forces could be measurable, but it’s possible that humans have not developed the technology to measure whatever forces may be at work.