Cursed Home of Occultist Aleister Crowley to Reopen Sex Magick Retreat

Cursed Home of Occultist Aleister Crowley to Reopen Sex Magick Retreat


The Loch Ness estate of infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, which is rumored to be cursed, went up for sale last April and has been purchased, with reports saying the new owners plan to reopen it as a sex magick retreat.

Aleister Crowley has been called “the wickedest man in the world.” The famed occultist is renowned for his writings, black magical workings, and the development of so-called sex magick.

The cursed home of Aleister Crowley sold

The former home of occultist Aleister Crowley, known as the Boleskine House, sits on the southeast side of Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlands. The house was first completed in 1760 as a hunting lodge. The estate has a cursed history and is considered one of the world’s foremost haunted houses.

One rumor says that before the home was built on the property, a local wizard had been raising the dead, and a minister named Thomas Houston hastily laid the animated corpses back in their graves. Even today, there is a tunnel that links from the house to the cemetery that is on the property.

Before the house had been built on the property, the land once was the site of the Kirk (a Scottish word for church/Church of Scotland) and the religious conclave burned down, killing everyone inside.

Aleister Crowley purchased the home in 1899 and sold the estate in 1913.

Crowley wrote in his book “The Confessions of Aleister Crowley,” that he purchased the home in order to have a suitable area for performing a magical ritual, known as the “Abramelin ritual,” in which one summons “12 kings and dukes of hell,” that lasts six months and requires a secluded location.

Crowley said the ritual eventually got out of hand.

It was purchased by Major Edward Grant, who ended up committing suicide in Crowley’s former bedroom using a shotgun.

Later, a newly married couple moved into the house. The woman went blind. The man walked out, leaving the blind woman alone and wandering about.

In 1970, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who was an ardent student of the occult and collector of Crowley memorabilia, purchased the estate.

However, the house was in a state of decay, and Page spent little time there. Instead, his friend Malcolm Dent resided there in order to restore the property.

Dent was a skeptic of the paranormal and supernatural when he moved in, but that quickly changed. Dent recalled one evening he describes as “the most terrifying night of my life” when he awoke to hear the sounds of a wild animal snorting and banging outside his bedroom door.

Dent decided to wait for daylight to open the door and look outside the room. In the morning, there was nothing there, but Dent says of the night before: “Whatever was there – was pure evil.”

Group plans to open sex magic retreat

A non-profit group calling itself the Boleskine Foundation purchased Aleister Crowley’s former estate for the sum of $625,252.

The group says it is engaged in discussions with Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), the religious and magick organization formerly led by Crowley, to bring sex magic and other occult rituals back to Boleskine House.

Sex magic is part of the Thelema religion founded by Crowley.

The Boleskine Foundation says it plans to “promote events and activities that facilitate health and wellness such as meditation and yoga as well as education on Thelema, the spiritual legacy forwarded by previous Boleskine House owner, Aleister Crowley.”

What is sex magick?

Sex magick is a lot like it sounds. It’s the use of sexual activity in a magic ritual in spiritual or religious pursuits in order to achieve the desired outcome.

The idea behind it is that sexual energy in and of itself is a potent force, and this force can be harnessed in order to transcend normal or perceived reality.

A common practice with sex magic is to use sexual arousal or orgasm in conjunction with visualization to achieve the desired result. While Aleister Crowley did not develop the techniques of sex magic, he expanded them into different degrees.

He was accused by the secret society the Ordo Templi Orientis of revealing the innermost secret of sex magick in a cryptic chapter in his book “The Book of Lies.”

However, Crowley was later appointed “Sovereign Grand Master General of Ireland, Iona and all the Britains,” after it was agreed the revelation in his book was unintentional.