Child Ghost Captured on Home Security Camera in Convincing Footage

Child Ghost Captured on Home Security Camera in Convincing Footage

Joey Nolan via YouTube

A home security camera captured convincingly chilling footage of what appears to be a child-sized ghost playing by a staircase in the middle of the night.

The family is frightened

A family that captured what appears to be the ghost of a child has left them fearful that they may be living in a haunted house.

A man named Joel Nolan captured the video on his family’s home security camera and uploaded it on August 8. He wrote: “On August 8th, 2019 at 12:54 am our security camera picked up a strange visitor walking through the kitchen. Some claim it’s a little boy, while others say they see a boy, a girl, and their dog. We don’t know for sure, but let us know what you think.”

Joel said that after the incident occurred they started investigating the history of their home to see if they could find any clues that might explain the paranormal activity. He wrote: “No recent deaths, fortunately. We’ve been digging into the house’s history to see if there’s any significance with the date of the occurrence. Not much activity before or after.”

Things that creep in the night

The scene looks something like this…

INTERIOR: A home security camera keeps watch over a family’s living room during the night as they sleep. In the middle of the living room floor we see a cat. The furry creature seems to be curiously looking toward the wall-mounted camera. To the left, as well as, behind the feline, we see the typical living room stuff:

A couch, an entertainment center and various knickknacks. To the right, we view a stairway that presumably leads upstairs toward the bedrooms. Also to the right, a hallway leads to the entryway to kitchen, although the kitchen itself is out of sight.

A ghost appears?

You’ll have to decide for yourself, but what happens next in the footage seems convincingly real as it shows what appears to be the ghost of a child.

The living room is a step-down room, and suddenly, an apparition manifests on the lower level of the living room floor which appears to then crawl up the single step that leads toward the living room.

In the edited for brevity video, next, a slowed-downed piece of footage shows what looks like a small child walking from the kitchen toward the step-down, but then fades away mid-step.

In a third section, we see the child-like ghost appear to be playing on the step, going up, turning and coming back down as if crawling on the floor in a manner consistent with the way toddlers play.

Is it really the ghost of a child? Check out the video and decide for yourself!