Bigfoot in Idaho: Experts Shocked by Stunningly Realistic Footage

Bigfoot in Idaho: Experts Shocked by Stunningly Realistic Footage

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A huge, muscular, thick-bodied Bigfoot creature with stunning body detail has shocked experts in what may be the most realistic footage ever captured. The new video of the ape-like creature has recently been uploaded to YouTube.

The real deal: Idaho Bigfoot footage leaves experts stunned

It’s the little details that matter, and those are what have left experts stunned in new footage taken of an alleged Bigfoot creature in Idaho.

When you have mainstream publications such as the conservative Daily Caller and big sites like LAD Bible reporting, it’s fair to say you are capturing the world’s attention.

The footage was recently uploaded to YouTube on an account called NV TV. The video is titled “MASSIVE IDAHO BIGFOOT ON VIDEO!! – Incredible Muscular Giant Sized Sasquatch On Camera!” The footage captures Bigfoot like we have never seen in any other video before.

Here’s what makes this Bigfoot video different…

The video posted on YouTube by NV TV shows a Bigfoot that is more realistic than any known to date. There are many reasons this video is different, here are a few…

1. Muscular body

This Bigfoot doesn’t look like a guy in a suit. There is too much muscular detail. Not only would it take a spectacularly designed suit, but it would also require a thick, beefy human to pose as this creature. Although not impossible, it would take someone with an elite body type, one like that of the NFL’s biggest players, and in 300 pounds + range.

2. Other body detail

In the video, we clearly see the “butt crack” of the creature. You normally don’t see that type of detail in your average ape suit. Secondly, there is detail of the bottom of the Sasquatch’s feet. Again, while it could be a suit, it would have to be one of the best ever created.

Criticisms of the video

To be fair, we also need to consider what is questionable in the video. The only thing that is puzzling is why the length of the footage is so short. While the YouTube video runs ten minutes and thirty seconds, it is only that long because the original footage is played over and over, slowed down, zoomed in, still photos, and so forth. But the original footage is very brief. So we have to ask: Why did the photographer only capture a few seconds of video? Why not keep filming?

The other unfortunate part of the video is we never see the creature’s face. The footage is mainly from the side/rear. Of course, this could be the only vantage point the photographer had available. And most people probably wouldn’t want this terrifying creature to be aware of their presence.

Daily Caller wonders why people don’t “shoot” Bigfoot to prove it’s real

The writer at the Daily Caller suggests we should “shoot” Bigfoot.

The writer asks: “You mean to tell me these things are walking around Idaho – a state with citizens armed to the teeth – not a single person has decided to shoot the first ever Bigfoot?”

The writer then scoffed saying, “I refuse to believe this nonsense,” and complaining that “nobody has ever actually put one on the ground!”

The writer added: “If I was in the woods and saw something like this, I would unholster my handgun and put it on the ground.”

Well, one reason no one has shot Bigfoot could be because America has laws against shooting things – human, animal, or otherwise – unless your life is in immediate danger.