As Storm Area 51 Alien Hunters Get Serious, Local Towns Worried About Invasion of People

The man who put up the “Storm Area 51” post on Facebook may have been joking, but alien hunters around the world are taking the idea very seriously, and local towns in the area are struggling to accommodate and are fearful about the millions who plan to descend on the secretive military base.

Invasion of the aliens? No, invasion of the people!

So far, a staggering 1.9 million people have signed on to the “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” Facebook group that seeks to “see them aliens” on September 20, 2019. Despite military saying it will be prepared and warning the public not to attempt to enter the base – it’s to no avail. But when do people ever listen to authorities anyway?

Nearly 2 million people may Storm Area 51

Amid the viral controversy, with the government weighing in that they are ready to stop people who might try to storm the military base, the man who created the post said it was “only a joke.”

Unfortunately, the nearly 2 million people who have signed up are taking it quite seriously.

Towns struggle to accommodate masses who plan to invade base

Some hotels in towns near the military base have already completely sold out. Many towns near this isolated base are decidedly small and don’t have the facilities to accommodate a massive invasion of nearly 2 million human beings.

One example is the town closest to the base, Rachel, which only has a population of 54 people. Obviously, this little burg probably doesn’t have room for squeeze in 2 million additional lifeforms.

The town of Rachel’s only hotel is the Little A’Le’Inn, which has a mere 14 rooms. And while the same hotel also has space for campers, that, too, is limited.

As an example of how serious alien hunters are taking the plan storming of area 51, the Little A’Le’Inn proprietors told the Las Vegas Sun that our phone “it doesn’t stop… our phone won’t stop ringing.”