Are Online Psychic Readings Worth It?

Are Online Psychic Readings Worth It?


Even before the pandemic forced us all into our Hobbit holes for six months, online psychic readings were already becoming the norm. Instead of finding a trustworthy psychic in your area, you can simply find someone online to do a tarot reading, examine your star chart, or other divination.

The psychic industry is far from the only one going digital. After all, telemedicine is more popular than ever. But assuming that you believe in psychic abilities at all, you have to wonder if readings at a distance are as good. Shouldn’t the psychic need to be present? Shouldn’t you at least touch the tarot cards to imprint them with your energy?

Online Psychic Readings

Although mediums have offered divination throughout history, never before have their services been so accessible. You can hop on Etsy or Fiverr to have a psychic read your tarot cards or get in touch with your spiritual guide to answer a burning question. These readings are often done via email, but they may also include video or audio components.


The good thing about these readings is that you know how much they cost upfront. If it’s $15 to get a personalized tarot spread of three cards, then that’s how much you pay.

Approach an online reading with a specific question or problem that you’d like to get some perspective about. For example, you might be considering whether to pursue a degree. A tarot card reading isn’t likely to give you a “yes” or “no” answer, but it might help you tap into your own intuition and figure out the right path forward.

Live-Streamed Séances

Some mediums are also offering live-streaming séances. These events involve an audience of people watching from home and frequently find their viewers on social media. During the livestream, the medium will choose someone from the comments and try to connect them with a loved one–or at least pretend to do so.

Séances have always been criticized for taking advantage of the bereaved, and the live-streamed versions have drawn ire from both skeptics and mediums alike. The consensus is that these events should be approached with caution, especially if you’re grieving.

In a piece for The Independent from last year, journalist Serena Lipscomb writes, “thinking twice and doing more research into the subject, rather than responding to probable scammers via a live-stream that isn’t private or personal, may help to save individuals from the possible grief of both losing their cash and the heartache of realizing they haven’t connected with a loved one in the afterlife.”

Avoiding Scams

We’ve come a long way from the days of Miss Cleo, the face of the Psychic Readers Network from 1997-2003. If you grew up in the 90s, then you probably remember seeing endless commercials featuring the faux-Jamaican psychic like the one below.

If you’re going to try out an online psychic reading, choose a service with a flat fee. That way you won’t be presented with a surprise bill for far more than you anticipated.

As with any online service, there are scammers present in the psychic community. Be very wary about shelling out more money than you planned to spend for special add-on services.

And if you do decide to spend money on an aura cleansing or curse removal, never send a money order or wire transfer. That type of payment is almost impossible to recover if you want your money back.