Aliens or Hypersonic Weapons Don’t Explain UAPs, So What Are They?

Aliens or Hypersonic Weapons Don’t Explain UAPs, So What Are They?


Aliens or Hypersonic Weapons Don’t Explain UAPs, So What Are They?

The long-awaited report from the Pentagon was released on June 25, 2021, presenting no convincing evidence of extraterrestrials, but even aliens are a better explanation than hypersonic weapons. So what are these UAP’s?

The UAP conundrum

Writing for Vice, Tim Marchman wrote an incredibly detailed and fact-filled article entitled: “Whatever UFOs Are, They Are Absolutely Not Hypersonic Weapons.” In the article, Marchman denounces the supposition that hypersonic weapons could explain the footage of UAPs released by the US government to the public. Marchman states that the idea is ridiculous and disproven by sciences that even alien technology would be a more credible explanation. It leaves one to wonder whether the government is gaslighting the public or in the early stages of a false flag operation.

Marchman links out to scientific studies done by experts from the Union of Concerned Scientists that prove the math doesn’t support the notion of hypersonic weaponry as an explanation of the recent UAP footage. Marchman writes: “hypersonic weapons not only do not but cannot behave in the ways the UFOs that have gripped the imaginations of the public and the Pentagon do.”

Cameron Tracy of the Union of Concerned Scientists, an expert on the subject, also shoots down the notion of flying hypersonic weapons dipping in and out of the water.

“When we talk about diving underwater, this is not possible for a hypersonic vehicle,” Tracy said. “It’s just a huge challenge to do. If all of a sudden we’re talking about water, something much denser than air, that becomes an impossibility essentially.”

Gaslighting, false flag, or the truth?

The public remains in a quandary about the UFO/UAP phenomenon. The US government has allowed the release of video footage of unknown aircraft making physics-defying maneuvers. What are the people of Earth supposed to make of this? Is this an attempt at transparency or something else? On the one hand, why show such footage, knowing what it suggests, and denying it on the other while presenting a report with no answers?

Steven M. Greer, MD, is a long-time ufologist and founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project. However, Greer also tends to give contradicting testimony.

On one side, Greer has long stated that the government was setting up a false flag scenario. The StarTribune reported on Greer last month as advocating that, “the idea is that a hoaxed alien invasion or incident was staged to continue to divert billions of dollars to mostly space-based weapon systems for the military-industrial complex that President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about before leaving office.”

But Greer takes the opposite position in his book and film of the same name, “Unacknowledged: An expose of the world’s greatest secret,” in which he argues that UFOs are real.

Could Greer be a disinformation agent for the government?

If one could call it, the only evidence that the public has is the UAP/UFO videos released by the government. But seeing is not always believing. These videos are unclear and grainy. Further, they look like they a student made them for a special-effects project for film school. The “tic-tac” shape and the flying, spinning, reflective, metallic, pyramid-shaped craft resemble forms made with even the most basic 3-D modeling software.

Possibility #1: Gaslighting

A. Presenting false footage for an ulterior motive.

B. Presenting actual footage but denying it for unspecified reasons.

Possibility #2: False flag

A. Use false footage to create the impression of extraterrestrial superiority and future threat for several ulterior motives.

B. Leverage false extraterrestrial threat as a means for investment in space-based weapons for nonexistent threat to enrich the military-industrial complex.

Possibility #3: The truth

A. Alien spacecraft are real, but leaders feel the public cannot handle the truth and have no plans to disclose the information.

B. Alien spacecraft are real, and leaders plan to “warm-up” the public to this fact slowly over time.