A Bermuda Triangle of Space Exists above the Atlantic

A Bermuda Triangle of Space Exists above the Atlantic

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Scientists now say that not only is there a Bermuda Triangle in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, but there is also a “Bermuda Triangle of Space” that exists 500 kilometers above the South Atlantic where strange phenomena routinely occurs.

The South Atlantic Anomaly

Something unusual is happening in the core-metal boundary under Africa. There are strange changes happening in the magnetic field. It is something scientists call The South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), which has also earned the nickname of The Bermuda Triangle of Space. Scientists are still investigating the strange occurrences, but are concerned that it is having an important impact on the global magnetic field.

Strange happenings in the ‘Bermuda Triangle of space’

At 500 kilometers above the earth, the “Bermuda triangle of space” has caused strange phenomena that have been witnessed by NASA astronauts. This area wreaks havoc on any computers nearby. Obviously, with spacecraft more reliant than ever on computers, this is a challenge for any type of craft, including satellites, which travel through this area.

But what is most dangerous is that nearby humans are exposed to higher radiation levels. Astronauts have reported seeing a huge white, blinding flash of light that occurs from radiation while flying through this area. It doesn’t make any sound.

Alarming changes to Earth’s magnetic field

Earth’s magnetic field plays two important roles. First, it gives us whether a needle from a compass points north or south. Secondly, it protects the planet from harmful radiation from space. Some 800,000 years ago, the poles of Earth’s magnetic field were switched, meaning a compass would have pointed south. However, since that time the poles never completely reversed.

But what’s most alarming, in the past 160 years the strength of Earth’s magnetic field has been decreasing at a rate scientists say is alarming. The area affected the most is the area called The South Atlantic Anomaly, which stretches from Chile to Zimbabwe.

The danger of the changing magnetic field

If Earth’s magnetic field changes, the ramifications would be disastrous and wide-reaching. For one, electrical currents in anything containing long wires, including the electrical grid, could be stimulated by the magnetic field. Therefore, electrical grids around the world could fail. GPS tracking and navigation would be disturbed.  Satellites could break down.

Most alarming, if the magnetic field weakens, more harmful radiation could reach Earth. The result would be an increase in skin cancer.

Earth’s core

Earth’s magnetic field is generated by liquid iron that swirls in Earth’s outer core. There is a denser region that is deep beneath southern Africa called the African Large Low Shear Velocity Province, that seismological data has detected roughly 1800 miles beneath the continent.

Scientists believe this the anomaly occurs between the hot liquid outer core and the stiffer, cooler mantle, where it may sink slightly, which disturbs the flow of iron, and thus affects Earth’s magnetic field.

The Van Allen radiation belts

One of the important things that shield Earth from potentially harmful radiation particles that stream toward our planet from the sun is the Van Allen radiation belts. These two doughnut-shaped clouds surround the Earth and trap the charged particles.

The Earth is not completely round, but bulges slightly in the middle. Earth’s magnetic field shifting also affects the Van Allen radiation belts and this is at the heart of the problem.