7 Non-Animal Omens and What They Mean for Your Future

Human beings have always sought to find meaning in random occurrences. We don’t like coincidences. Instead, we try to find patterns, chains of cause and effect that can help us make sense of a chaotic universe.

That’s where omens come in. If enough people see a black cat before something bad happens, then they start to believe the cat actually caused the misfortune. Science would try to debunk these age-old portents of the future. But there’s a reason so many of them have endured over centuries.

Do you know what it means if your opal ring cracks? What if a broom falls over? Read on to find out what these omens and more meaningful for your future.

Broom Magic

Row of bright color brooms
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Brooms have long been central to folklore. Aside from the witch connection, there are multiple omens associated brooms. If one falls over in your home when no one is touching it, there’s a visitor on the way. And some folks say that you should always break in a new broom by sweeping something good into the house (say, a dropped dollar) before you try to sweep out any dirt.

Encountering Your Secret Twin

There’s a theory that everyone on Earth has at least one doppelgänger, a secret twin who looks just like you but isn’t your family. You see plenty of people on social media finding their “face twin,” but meeting your double isn’t necessarily a good thing. In fact, it might be an omen of death for one of you.

Ariana Grande, for one, isn’t thrilled about her TikTok doppelganger. It’s eerie!

Cursed Opals

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Gemstones of all kinds are linked with legends and omens. But opals, in particular, have a bad reputation as being omens of death and despair. These stones are notoriously fragile; in fact, some jewelers refer to them as being “alive.”

According to legend, opals were seen as terrible omens in the Middle Ages. When people who wore them would be found dead–because of the Black Plague–their opal jewelry had gone dull. That’s likely because the stones were no longer warmed by body heat, but the people of the era feared the opals as harbingers of death.

Feather Crowns or Angel Wreaths

Feather crown found in pillow
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This omen is commonly known throughout Appalachia, although it’s falling out of memory as people stop using feather pillows. Essentially, a feather crown happens when the down inside a pillow becomes matted into a tight, hard ball.

If one was discovered in the pillow of a sick person, they were destined to die soon. And if a person did pass away, the family members would cut open their pillows to see if they could find an Angel Wreath as an omen that the deceased had passed to heaven.

Broken Mirrors

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The idea that a broken mirror means seven years of bad luck is one that even little kids understand. But although breaking a mirror is a bad omen, there are ways to neutralize that bad luck. Depending on who you ask, you can either throw the pieces into a fireplace, bury them under the light of the full moon, or tap a piece against a headstone in a graveyard.

Wearing Your Clothes Backward

Be warned: You can’t manufacture good luck by putting on your shirt inside out. But accidentally turning your clothes inside out or backward is thought to be a good luck omen. It might be related to the legend that evil spirits (including wicked fairies) become confused and leave you alone if you turn your clothes inside out.

Does that mean Kris Kross were incredibly lucky? The one-hit wonders were famous for wearing their pants backwards…

Watch Out for Falling Clocks

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Most clocks just tell the time–but in some cases, the can also foretell your death. If the clock falls, it’s a sign that someone in your home is going to die. A rundown clock that suddenly chimes is also a bad sign. In fact, broken clocks in general aren’t great for the energy in your home, so consider either having them repaired or getting rid of them for good.