5 Weirdly Popular Alien Conspiracy Theories

5 Weirdly Popular Alien Conspiracy Theories


Conspiracy theorists enjoyed a huge victory earlier this year when the Pentagon confirmed that yes, that footage of UFOs we all saw on YouTube is real.

But does that mean all our theories are right? Here are some of the weirdest, wildest conspiracies about extraterrestrials that just won’t give up. These are the greatest hits of alien lore–and so far, none of them have been proven to be 100% false. And with the year we’re all having, would you really be surprised if at least a couple of these turned out to be true?

Roswell, New Mexico

The granddaddy of UFO conspiracies is centered on Roswell, New Mexico. On June 2, 1946, something crash-landed there. This gave rise to one of the most persistent and widespread alien theories in the world. It has inspired countless movies and TV shows–including, you know, Roswell.

Officially, the craft that crashed in New Mexico was a weather balloon. But if you buy that, I’ve got some lovely oceanfront property in Kansas to sell you…

Aliens Built the Pyramids


The only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, the Pyramids of Giza are either a testament to human engineering or clear proof that aliens visited our ancestors. Depends on who you ask. While scientists, archaeologists, and physicists continue to debunk this theory regularly, some people remain convinced that the gods of Egypt were actually aliens.

Area 51

As a connoisseur of alien conspiracy theories, Area 51 is a bit basic for your palate. This is JV league stuff; in fact, the idea that Area 51 is a secret government base dedicated to studying (and possibly experimenting on) aliens is so widespread that it hardly feels like a conspiracy theory at all.

Since the mid-50s, when President Eisenhower commissioned Project Aquatone and the work began in the remote Nevada desert, rumors of alien activity have surrounded Groom Lake and the nearby salt flats.

Alien AI


Here’s a more recent one that might just give you the shivers. This answer to the Fermi paradox (i.e. “If there are aliens out there, why haven’t we ever seen them?”) comes from Zoltan Istvan.

He claims that all alien civilizations eventually reach the Singularity before they create intergalactic space flight. Basically, aliens invent some form of artificial intelligence and either translate themselves into a purely mechanical existence or get obliterated by the very AI they birthed.

Take your pick at which one in more disturbing.

The Black Knight


Digging a little deeper still, we find the Black Knight. This conspiracy theory concerns a mysterious craft or satellite in orbit around the Earth.

The most popular version of this theory holds that the alien satellite has been in orbit for about 13,000 years. The theory combines the NASA photo above with radio observations made by the one and only Nikola Tesla in 1899, as well as other seemingly unconnected pieces of evidence and conjecture over many decades. You can check out a more detailed delve here.