13 Animal Omens and their Meanings

13 Animal Omens and their Meanings

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From time immemorial, it seems that human beings believed seeing or having certain types of animals cross their paths was a sign giving them a message or warning.

In ancient times, people lived in much closer contact with the animal kingdom than we do today. After all, people couldn’t run down to their local grocer to get food. They depended on what they farmed or gathered, as well as, the killing of animals for meat to survive.

Animal myths and legends

Amid all this, many myths and legends developed around animals. Many types of animals were associated with a variety of gods and goddesses, as well as, people believed animals possessed certain magical powers and abilities, such as shapeshifting from one type of animal to another, even to humans.

Additionally, people made certain associations between animals, attributing meanings to those connections and attaching certain traits with animal symbolism. Thus, seeing a certain animal was an omen – a sign that brought specific meanings.

13 animal omens

Here are the meanings associated with seeing or crossing the path of these 13 animals.

1. Crow/Raven

Meanings: Death, bad news, dark magic, truth/truth exposed.

2. Owl

Meanings: Doom, wisdom, harbinger of danger, association with God or Goddess.

3. Snake

Meanings: Someone or something important coming into your life, spiritual presence, wisdom, intelligence, a venomous snake crossing your path means good fortune,

4. Spider

Meaning: Contact with a friend bringing important information, good luck, spider webs symbolize connectivity with nature.

5. Rabbit

Meaning: A rabbit crossing your path means your luck is about to change, put your trust in God or the universe, fertility, abundance.

6. Cat

Meaning: Hidden magical or spiritual powers, intuition, protection against evil spirits. The color of the cat is also important. Black cat: Wisdom, a change of fortunes good or bad; White cat: Romance and fertility; orange or ginger cats: Supernatural awareness, increased spiritual knowledge.

7. Lizard

Meaning: You need to pay more attention to your dreams, they are about to reveal a great truth, a sign that you are on the right path.

8. Deer

Meaning: Adversity, the need to remain steadfast, uphold your dignity, morals and purity.

9. Dog

Meaning: Good luck, trust, devotion, faithfulness, protection.

10. Firefly

Meaning: The need to live in accordance with nature, the need to manage energy and resources, a sign to let your light shine, illumination, inspiration, accomplishment.

11. Scorpion

Meaning: Unexpected death, self-preservation, divine judgment, healing, psychic vision or impressions.

12. Coyote

Meaning: The need to balance work and play, let go of what does not bring you joy, the need to increase laughter, someone may play a trick on you, expect the unexpected.

13. Bat

Meaning: Bad luck, evil spirits, death, psychic abilities, heightened sensitivity.